Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Emilia Electrifies Emmanuel’s Ego…..

And so it is said that a man shall leave his home and join with his divine and designed rib from heavenly quarters so they shall multiply to fulfill GOD’s word. Little did we know that pastors could also leave both families to become unified in service, worship, prayer and now love. SO is the miracle wedding between Evangelist Emmanuel LAHPANA BANDA and Emilia SABONKET (now Mrs BANDA) of the Fountain of Life Ministries International, under the canopy of the RCCG. The court wedding between the 2nd generation prince from the Mbaw Yakum Fondom, Bambalang village in Ndop Sub division, Ngoketunjia Division and the General Overseer of FLMI Cameroon codenamed Queen in her family from NWA village in the Donga & Mantung Division, all in the North West Region of Cameroon, kicked off at 8:30am at the Civil Status Registration office, Simbock Yaounde . Celebrating the union that cannot be equated to the Mathematical calculation of one + one equal 2,the Mayor read out the rule of law and allowed both parties now one entity to choose for themselves. Signed under the Monogamy regime, the ‘Yes I do’ revelations crowned it all with relations from far and near who came to witness blessing the couple for letting love lead in their spiritual bond.
The court wedding preceded the Church Wedding at RCCG Jouvence where white and purple colours relevant of purity and royalty beautified the Church premises, in wait for the most cute couple in town. The Pastors prayed and blessed the newly wedded in the face of Man and God and reception was next at SOMATEL YAOUNDE highly attended by dignitaries of the royal Ghogomu’s Family, the Fon of Bambalang HRM Fon Kevin Shomitang III inclusive. The electrifying colours and performances at the reception of the BANDA’s left no stone unturned. Guests like family members saw a new dawn in the wedding ushering light and brightness to the family. Pastors Emmanuel & Emilia BANDA left the hall tired but satisfied, fulfilled & happy after sharing wonderful moments through prayer, gifting, dancing, eating and drinking with their loved ones on the occasion of their wedding dated August 22, 2015.
A Day: August 22, 2015
A Message: Love knows no boundaries
A take home Msg: Love heals wounds and plants seeds of hope

The wedding ceremony ended in beauty with participating families retaining the importance of loving, sharing, forgiving but most of all, thank GOD in every situation. This was manifested in a triumphant Thanksgiving service on Sunday August 23, 2015 at 8:3am & 5:30pm respectively at the Fountain of Life Ministries International Biyemassi, Yaounde. 

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