Monday, August 31, 2015

Awesome Amy launches an online campaign #TARGETPEACE

Raising peace awareness and promoting friendship, personal growth and diversity has been my mission. It is a false perception that if we live in peace then our security will not be challenged. The world is going through intensive changes, which come together with serious challenges.

 If we take a look at the neighbourhood of Europe & Africa, we can see conflicts and wars almost everywhere: in Ukraine, in the Middle East, in North-Africa. And we can make peace to shawn attempts plunging people into devastating warfares which only cost the economy more leaving many fragile. Money is essential to address these challenges properly. Education is an investment which produces more income but how can it be useful to a dieing population? Making Peace a Target since Peace is Priceless is my mission, my vision and my World. How do I intend to go about it with no funding? How can I give peace and love in a very hostile environment? How can I be peaceful in hunger, disease and poverty? How can I get my people to make peace their mission as well in these hard times? Should austerity-strapped countries rather invest more in education? Should defence budgets be cut even more to wipe out the chances of fabricating and distributing war arms, instead of creating jobs for the unemployed, usually vulnerable to certain acts of terrorism? Or does this attitude gravely underestimate the threats and challenges Africa and Europe faces in the 21st Century? I however choose to TARGET PEACE and peace I will get for myself, my community, my Country and my Continent. Join me with a pose bearing the‪#‎TARGETPEACE‬ message. 

Augustin NULLA, Blogger of Pressfoot and Sports Editor of the LTM TV is carried  by the flame of peace.

 Lydia AKO Arrey, intern on the English News desk of the LTM

 JCI Member and entrepreneur does not resist the TARGET PEACE campaign in Cameroon.

Anne Moussinga, Presenter of 'A L'ombre on RTM FM 106 every weekday from Midday is carried by the peace wave.

 Amy on her live show targets peace on the LTM TV.

 Jean Germain YETNA, Chef d'Edition de la LTM TV cible la paix.

Farrel Bounya working at Ltm Transmissions joins the peace wave in Cameroon. Join him as well on Twitter

Awilo, Host of Flagship Satirical program "Town Cryer" joins the peace campaign.

Anpis Atangana Station Manager of RTM FM 106 joining the online peace campaign.

This comes ahead of a VVV peace tour she is organising in cameroon, days after she launches the 1st ever online campaign #RAISINGSTANDARDS in her Country. You can join Amy on Twitter @Amybandatv or her facebook handle with a pose of yourself bearing same messages to promote ingenuity and peace, all factors of development and emergence.
Amy & CAMASEJ - D Members on the #RAISINGSTANDARDS campaign at CRTV Littoral 

 Amy on the #RAISINGSTANDARDS' campaign marking the Marcus Garvey Day on August 16, 2015 at the CRTV premises with English speaking Journalists, all members of the Cameroon English Speaking Journalists' Association, Douala Branch.
Amy launches Campaign on August 12, 2015 at NDEMS communications at Bali Douala.

Amy caught up with the station Manager of Suellaba FM 105 Beyhia Leonard Bruce who doesn't resists the idea because he himsel resonates STANDARDS in all he does.

CRTV Journalist Berthe MBALLA buys the idea and raises standards with a pose in no distant time.

The CANAL English Crew identify with the idea of raising standards.

Constance ZE of the CRTV raises standards.

Ambe NKANWI initiator of the slogan 'RAISING STANDARDS' buys Amy's awesome idea of launching an online campaign.

IT Technie Nde Donald on the road identifies with the campaign.

 Halle of the Street 237 group immediately raises standards with a pose.
Gladys NJOLA of NDEMS Communications.

Veteran Journalist of Canal 2 International Ananie Rabier BINDZI supports Amy with a pose.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks the DON for being part of this initiative meant to encourage the energy of peace in our homes, workplaces, communities and countries. We target peace, Don't we?

  2. Replies
    1. You are even greater my dear. Join us on facebook on the AMY BANDA TV PAGE with a picture of yourself bearing the message to keep the peace flame and steam alive. Peace and Love dear.

  3. Quelle belle initiative.
    par les temps qui court, Guerre en Syrie, en République Centrafricaine et plus prêt de nous BOKO HARAM. qui peut encore prétendre ignorer le prix de la paix????
    à tous les citoyens de ce Monde global, aux capitalistes pur et dur, adeptes du gain sans fin, aux dirigeants du Monde qui peuvent et doivent faire quelque chose pour le bonheur partagé des humains que chacun, de sa position fassent sa part, pour nous préserver le bien le plus précieux de l'humanité la paix. Encouragement sans fin à Amy Banda pour cette initiative.

    André KOUNCHOU

    1. Thanks Andre KOUNCHOU for joining the peace flame with prior objective to preach, promote and preserve peace; a priceless value for the growth of Cameroon. 14 years after the September 11 hit on the US which gave birth to many terror groups reacting to Bush's decision of invading Iraq, our world is threatened and we all have a responsibility to hush out violence and injustice from our Community, Country and Continent. Take a picture like the others and join us on the facebook activity on my page AMY BANDA TV SHOW to push others to join you in the peace flame.

  4. it's a great initiative we must all #target peace!!

  5. Je t'encourage AMY, t'es une grande prévoyeuse pour la PAIX

  6. This is simply a great vision from a great visionary. I am happy to be part of the target peace online campaign and I pray we all settle for peace from our homes. The peace from the home won't be difficult to kill the violence, conflict and war out there> You are indeed above and beyond the Voice of the Voiceless.

  7. Woman on the move....Blessed indeed!

  8. Awesome baby. You are currently indeed going places. Congrats! Patience FOFEKE CHERNO BARRY

  9. Great one! Joshua Ghogomu

  10. good job sis,proud of you. FIEN Rosette

  11. You are my role model sis. Ngwanwi NENGEH BANDA

  12. keep going higher woman!
    GBU always. Kristelle ASEK SOELE

  13. Bravo Amy !!!!!! Pierre Laverdure OMBANG

  14. No emergence in the absence of peace. Kenne Roger

  15. As indicated by September 21 International Peace Day theme: ''partnership for peace, dignity for all '', we see you as a solid and grounded partner of peace. Thumbs up Nuipoko Oscar

  16. Peace is priceless.Lets begin by being at peace with ourselves and loving who we are and one another ,then peace would reign.Let Peace reign in my loving country Cameroon and the world at large.Happy Peace Day.Maricol ZAUMU.

  17. I'm so loving this my dear, kudos.Saih Yvette.

  18. Thanks so much an I'm grateful ur post in my wall every day. Abdu Joel.

  19. That's lovely my dear. Lawrencia Swirri

  20. a good initiative! keep it up. Dominic Meme Nwakimo

  21. “For there is but one essential justice which cements society, and one law which establishes this justice. This law is right reason, which is the true rule of all commandments and prohibitions. Whoever neglects this law, whether written or unwritten, is necessarily unjust and wicked.”
    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero, On the laws

  22. Peace is the currency for that we desire. I am with you Amy. Keep up the great work! Gabriel Kamlomo-Malawi