Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Promise Akanteh: The African woman is heavily endowed

1) Who is Promise AKANTEH? 

* I am promise AKANTEH, a Journalist, who, despite not having had any formal training in any journalism school,  excels in Jornalism every/an micrphone related job.

2) What drives Promise AKANTEH?

  I am driven by my unquenchable passion to get to the very top, giving in my utmost best each time I am honoured to use my GOD given talents. 

3) What is Your greatest influence?

 My greatest influence is my persistence, I just keep going on - firmly but nicely, putting my point across. 

4) Who is Your role model?

I have quite a andful of role models, starting with myself. Buy my biggest is Oprah Winfrey and then Helen Sirleaf Johnson.

5) Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

My greatest wish is to be on the international scene in the next five years, presenting shows and anchoring international motivational programs. 

6) What are the challenges of the African Woman? 

I would not say I am not proud of the African Woman today, but she could be better if she gave herself a chance. 

7) Should you be named the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the Family , what wrong Will you right with your vision?

 First, I will cacel that idea that there are particular jobs reserved for men while the 'female positions' continue to be the less important posts of responsibility. Girls and Boys will be given equalrights to education at all levels. 

8) One thing you hate in girls and women today you will like to see adjusted.

 Their dressing, their mentality - always thinking that men should provide for them.  The idea of girls feeling that they are some 'underpriviledged' set of people just because of their sex drives me angry. 

9) How do you eradicate GBV in Cameroon today? 

I will empower them mentally, psychologically, spiritually and financially. Already the fact that women occupy some positions of authority at the radio is a positive step first step. It could not be more timely - everybody is suppossed to be concerned -men and women.  

And I sincerely pray that by next year, the fruits of these 16 days of activism against women and girlswill be clearly visible. We should continue the talking and advocacy. It should start from the very basic level. An entire subject -Gender could be introduced into the school curriculum. Like I said earlier, iif the government begins awakening the consciousness of boys and girls from the very tender age on the importance of protecting and promoting gender and fighting gender based violence, then the fruits will be more visible. 

The clergy too should include GBV in their sermons - people believe so much in what their priests ad pastors say. 

10) Any advice for the African Woman? 

African leaders should accept the fact that the girl child is a child with everything that the boy child has, and even more. We should open up doors for the girl child and not tie her down all in the name of some outdated tradition. Girls are first of all humans with all their full potentials and with the added advantage of having maternal instincts - at no matter what age.

The African Union and United Nations should continue the struggle for its worth it. And for the African woman - you are heavily endowed. Let no one ever make you fee less than that. I am a motivational speaker, a promoter of the rights of the child, founder of the NGO Our Baby which promotes the bond between parents -especially fathers and their children, from the womb to early childhood. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Zita ATANGCHE: The African Woman must develop her abilities...


1) Who is Zita ATANGCHE?

A multi-talented and multi-skilled, young lady from the Atangche's Family of Nkwen Village, Bamenda III Sub-Division, North West Region, Cameroon.
Born on May 19, 1986, Zita Atangche is the fifth child of a nuclear family of 6 and a polygamous tree with 13 branches who  grew to maturity in the hands of her struggling single mother due to an unfortunate second marriage her father contracted.  His passing away when Zita was only 11, and in Form One in the then G.H.S Atiela made me A passionate lover of God, loyal "adherer" to His instructions ,committed and dedicated doer of His Will by His Grace. Holder of an Upper Credit in Higher National Diploma and 2nd Class Upper in Bachelor of Technolgy, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Class of 2012/2013 at National Polytechnic Bamenda.A born gospel musician under the name Zita Light with a 16 track album 'saka" released on her birthday day 19th May 2017 (See Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud : Zita Light ); a Trained Journalist(radio presenter,show host,mc etc popularly known "Mama Zi" due to her entertainment radio show "Meet The Stars" on Radio Hotcocoa FM 94.0,every Sunday 2pm and her relentless impact in the lives of young people). A Choreographer,Motivational Speaker/Teacher of the Truth,Ultimately Passionate C.E.O/Founder of New Breed Africa known on social media( New Breed Africa Foundation) an organisation that reaches out to and empower young people especially the vulnerable(orphans and less privileged people,single mothers,street children etc),identifies,orientate,develop and promote indegineous/home talents see Website: www.newbreedafricafoundation.com                                                       Facebook Page: NewBreedAfricaFoundation and same name on YouTube for details of the vision, works and impact. Author of the recently published book of poems "Light For The New Breed" and several unpublished books, former Female First Division Footballer with Gentile Ladies Bamenda. After a two months training recently with some over 33 girls in one of our empowerment projects for girls, I produce and market Ankara/Beads Designs of diverse patterns, Coconut Oil,Avocardo Oil etc. Have received in two years of work over three awards of recognition from Noble Theatre Arts Entertainment, Shosa Empire and YUCICOPO with her community and counting.Living for impact is what fuels every endeavour and action of Zita.

2) What drives Zita Atangche?

I am driven by desire to live a purpose filled life. I spent several years searching for my purpose and came to realize I was actually learning the skills through my different experiences in life to fulfil this purpose. Now that I have come to this awareness and clarification,

My ultimate obsession is to eliminate all forms of vulnerabilities from the lives of young people especially the marginalized gender( orphans,people with disabilities,less privileged,street children,prostitutes,young single mothers/struggling girls, struggling youths/Artists,women etc).Doing away with what makes them victims of circumstances and contributing in empowering them become a complete new breed of tenacious people, noble in character,decent,well skilled,without greed and responsible enough to willingly contribute to the betterment of our world. Thus in my songs and every project you would constantly find available,content put together to eliminate what makes people vulnerable, what can empower them to live their best and achieve fulfillment while living for greater good of others too.

3) Who is your role model?

Well as for role model, calling names will be a little complex because with my multi-engagements, i have role models in diverse fields but in them all,you must find these common traits:living beyond self, passion for a better life for others,selfless contribution to make the world better by pointing and walking with people and systems via Gods standards,showing love to the lost,raising peoples hopes,encouraging people to wake up to their true worth and thrive for the best,awakening in people the need to maintain the integrity and dignity of humanity in all ways,actions and achievements, putting smiles on the faces of the needy ect. These are my role models. Thus i will always quote people in the likes of Nelson Madiba Mandela, Mylse Munroe,Oprah Wimfrey, Mother Theressia,Edgar Guest,Cindy Trim,Tamela Mann,Zahara of South Africa ,Asa of Nigeria, Mme Fomumbod Anne Stella of IFVCAM, Bih Pascaline of DARE AFRICA Bamenda, Mussa Comfort of SistersSpeak Bamenda etc

4) Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

My one believe is that as long as i'm alive and stay in Gods Will,obeying His ever timely instructions each level of my life and work,no form of calculation nor speculation can truly define how far i will go at any given time or within any given period. I am Gods vessel of mercy and He will glorify Himself through me,thus the extent to which He intends to glorify Himself through me in 5years will be the extent i will reach in 5years. If it has taken Him from 2015,not up to 2yrs of selfless commitment to purpose,especially with New Breed Africa for me to receive 3 awards of
recognition and counting, then i cannot afford to place a limitation on where He will take me in 5years.

5) What are the challenges of the African Woman?

The African Woman is locked up in a world of obscurity of her true self and worth, thus lives in the shadow of herself. She lacks exposure, she is so ignorant and she is so naive of the wide range of opportunities her GOD given potentials provide her for global impact. 

The African Woman is plagued with the survival of the fittest mentality due to the struggles of her environment and thus works like a Jackal to survive herself and her family. To this effect she has lost value for herself. She most often has no time for herself.  

The African Woman is a victim of 'my property notion' because most men feel since I dowried her with my money, she is their property. Thus most African women are treated like property. Others become sex workers and will do nothing and everything to satisfy their customers who never understand they are human beings. 

6) How do you unwind tension?  

I relax by simply singing songs, especially my favorite songs. I also play soccer to break the tension. 

7) What is your ICE Vision?

My ICE vision is to build a tenacious breed of women without greed, who are not only noble in character and full of refined substance, but are super courageous enough to by pass self, gender, societal and religious limits to orderly, responsibly and humbly pour our the content of their inside for the greater good of diverse generations, stretching of course from their homes. 

My background of being raised by a struggling single mother with just basic education and a peasant farmer, besides six other children and nine grand children, not leaving out an orphan she chose to help, is a great source of strength. 

The experiences my elder sisters underwent in the hands of their husbands and my daily observation of what happens with young girls and women in different sectors of the society.

8) What are your plans for the African Union?

As for me i work to empty myself for the greater good of humanity and however it happens i believe is not mine to decide but Gods. So i work and plan as instructed and as inspired.So as at now,nothing yet but when its time,the idea will come,mastery of what to do for a particular impact will come too.

9) What are the things you will change in the life of an African Woman should you be named the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the Family?

I will make sure by all means possible a good number of women gain at least basic reading and writing skills and then fully engage into their self-development(education and capacity building) formally or informally to right the wrong of women living as empty vessels(no relevant ideas,no marketable skills,nothing else to offer except their bodies as play toys and child bearing machines).
Secondly i will dismiss the deceptive notion that has for years diverted the attention of women from journeying to themselves to using up their energy,time and money to become and do more than what the man does"what a man can do a woman can do and even better". To me this has always been a concept of limitation on the woman,for one can only be more powerful, unstoppable and relevant when he or she becomes and makes use of the unique and original potential with which one was fashioned from creation. Striving to be like or more powerful than are another person by trying to do exactly what the person does ,even if its more than the person,will only make you a copy of that person and not the powerful original of who you truly are.Woman being a better version of yourself everyday makes you more powerful than any other man or woman. 

10) What is your greatest influence?

My Greatest Influence is GOD. HIS will, purpose, instructions and principles, HIS integrity, grace, wisdom, pleasure and agenda per time and season.

11) What are the few things you hate in the girls of the age you would love to change as an African Woman?

One thing I hate in girls and women today I will like to change is the non chalant route they opt for in facing life. Most of them who take that direction end up begging or marrying men they don't love nor share visions with, just to survive. Which to me is another form of prostitution because selling self for money or dancing naked, exposing nude bodies to attract men as potential customers ain't different from marrying and  sleeping regularly with a man you don't love for money. This honestly kills every iota of life in me because it renders a woman an object and she is treated in society with scorn, disrespect, rejection and without dignity. 

12) What advice do you have for the African Woman?

The African woman must create time for herself so she can develop her abilities to match international standards in any sector of activity she chooses for a career. The personal development will tickle the African Woman's potential and her lucrative skills, there by push her to become self reliant so she can become helpful to herself , her family and the community in which she lives. This will not only eventually free the African Woman from any form of compromise that will put her integrity and dignity to question, but as well restore the African Woman's relevance and respect within the African homes and communities. Lastly, The African Woman must learn to win her battles on her knees first.