Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nativity Sojourning & A Promenade

People are running helter skelter this season for gifts to share with the less privileged, family and friends.
The cluttered or higgledy-piggledy movement sets the pace for last minute preparations of Christ's Coming. This Pell-mell, hotfoot and hit-or-miss strive to package a giveaway to someone is symbolic of love, peace and joy, some say. But how joyful are the Christians in wait of Christ's coming in the heat of conflict, war and serious unrest in many countries at this time of the year? While some families wed their lovely daughters to ordained husbands, Philanthropists hand me down remittance to the orphans & needy, heartbroken hard-hitting homes pay tribute to lost loved ones, distant relations make phone calls and sick persons stay in the hospital awaiting compassion from those who have a little more than they can chew, and are willing to share; The hustle and bustle character of the markets, churches, super markets, malls and even homes has twisted activities in major crossroads, romanced by serious hold-ups and pickpocketing, leaving victims to lament over their fate.

Hair dressing Saloons are making brisk business as no woman wants to spend Christmas with an old hair do. Nail Polish Actors in most of the markets in the economic metropolis are not left aside as the women desperately want to keep their nails clean, shiny and attractive. As homes prepare best African delicacies such as Corn Fufu & Huckleberry, Achu & Yellow (Black) Soup, Ekwang, Koki & Yams, Ndole & Miyondo,Pounded Potatoes & Beans, Water Fufu & Eru, Roasted Fish, Chicken or grilled meat for the adults, Children will inevitably be cooked rice & Chicken . This is to ensure that visitors don't lack anything to eat or drink at the birth of Christ.

The Churches on their part are preparing sermons that will open the doors of the hearts of the Christians to see the immense level of God's love for  mankind.

This reminds me of the last nativity sentiments I felt in 2002 when Christmas blossomed sunrise and suddenly,  there was an abrupt sunset that got me questioning the face of justice in Life. My attending all 3  weddings Saturday, enabled my viewing and foresight capacity to celebrate the love abiding spirit of some citizens close to me, who had taken the bold step of presenting their union to the open. Passing through the Court wedding of a big sister I fondly call Pho at the Tubah Rural Council,to Maureen's wedding with Clarence where I was the MC  at the Bayelle Hall and the customary wedding of my husband's niece, immense sentiments, sensations and emotions englutted my mind, body & soul. Little did I know that these bright & beautiful colours will carry me to the forgotten.

An antecedent so heavy and annoying that I almost journeyed to the land of no return. In the course of my venture, the elapsed visited my present imposing Anger, Arrogance, Bitterness and even Hatred. The Spiritual brain train after a hard struggle drained me from the promenade, outing the sadness & depression that took over me. I asked myself why I was carrying this burden in me when I know someone, coming days away, who can carry the load. I asked myself why forgetting was a problem after forgiveness. I asked myself if I will survive another odyssey should situations take me memory lane.

The Confusion Circuit Crossed my path and on my path-finding track traced epitomes that shouldn't be in me. Then, I realized that gifting, sharing and caring without emptying bones of contention could prevent one from getting closer to the Lord. How unwise, fruitless & useless can one have the holy writ without implementing its scriptures? Why can't I forget despite forgiveness? Why should I share & Care if I have not decluttered my mind? Is anybody feeling the same way and needs to open up?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

International UN Daily Observances

We have commemorated the following UN Global Observances under different themes with specific messages from the UN Secretary General BAN Ki Moon, mobilized individuals of all walks of life to participate, had some considerable significnace of the fight, yet conflicts, war, hatred, envy, destruction and many other vices still rock our horizons.

As we speak at least 6000 children have been recruited into the CAR army to combat crises and conflict crucifying citizens of peace in the mineral rich zone. Today , on International Human  Solidarity Day, the

2013 theme: Bridging the gaps to reach the Millennium Development Goals



and Banki Monn's call which I quote: "I urge people from all nations, faiths, cultures and traditions to work together in common cause to keep the promise made at the turn of the Millennium and leave a legacy of peace, prosperity and sustainable progress for generations to come."
compels us to do more than talking. How do we walk the talk? Have we thought of closing industries producing nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction? Have we imagined the uncertainty tomorrow reserves us to love and care like Mandela did in his acts of human solidarity? Have we raised enough awareness on development issues; Promoted debate on topical and interlinked political, economic and social matters; Bring together political authorities, members of national, international and European development organisations, commentators and business representatives to discuss and debate development questions?
Have we questioned our actions, minds and views about the people created in the same image like us? I did so and I was frightened by the feedback. It doesn't stop here. It has to continue and it starts with me. I light up the candle of love, care and ignite the spirit of sharing and gratitude with all on this day, as we prepare to receive Christ on a Manger 120 hours from today. Merry Christmas to all the blog readers and visitors

May the table below help you light up a candle in the life of someone for 2014.

UN international days and observances

27 January International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
4 February World Cancer Day [WHO]
20 February World Day of Social Justice
21 February International Mother Language Day
8 March International Women's Day
21 March International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination / World Poetry Day [UNESCO]
22 March World Water Day
23 March World Meteorological Day
24 March World Tuberculosis Day [WHO]
25 March International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
2 April World Autism Awareness Day
4 April International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
7 April World Health Day
22 April International Mother Earth Day
23 April World Book and Copyright Day
25 April World Malaria Day [WHO]
26 April World Intellectual Property Day [WIPO]
28 April World Day for Safety and Health at Work [ILO]
3 May World Press Freedom Day
8-9 May Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War
9-10 May World Migratory Bird Day [UNEP]
15 May International Day of Families
17 May World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
21 May World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
22 May International Day for Biological Diversity
29 May International Day of UN Peacekeepers
31 May World No-Tobacco Day
4 June International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5 June World Environment Day
8 June World Oceans Day
12 June World Day Against Child Labour
14 June World Blood Donor Day
17 June World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
20 June World Refugee Day
23 June United Nations Public Service Day
26 June International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
26 June United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
First Saturday International Day of Cooperatives
11 July World Population Day
18 July Nelson Mandela International Day
9 August International Day of the World's Indigenous People
12 August International Youth Day
19 August World Humanitarian Day
23 August International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
8 September International Literacy Day
10 September World Suicide Prevention Day [WHO]
15 September International Day of Democracy
16 September International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
21 September International Day of Peace
27 September World Tourism Day [WTO]
28 September World Rabies Day [WHO]
29 September World Heart Day [WHO]
Last week World Maritime Day
First Monday World Habitat Day
1 October International Day of Older Persons
2 October International Day of Non-Violence
5 October World Teachers' Day
Second Wednesday International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
Second Thursday World Sight Day [WHO]
9 October World Post Day
10 October World Mental Health Day
15 October International Day of Rural Women
16 October World Food Day
17 October International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
24 October United Nations Day
24 October World Development Information Day
27 October World Day for Audiovisual Heritage [UNESCO]
6 November International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
10 November World Science Day for Peace and Development [UNESCO]
14 November World Diabetes Day
Third Thursday World Philosophy Day [UNESCO]
Third Sunday World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
16 November International Day for Tolerance
19 November World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day [WHO]
20 November Universal Children’s Day
20 November Africa Industrialization Day
21 November World Television Day
25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
29 November International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
1 December World AIDS Day
2 December International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
3 December International Day of Persons with Disabilities
5 December International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
7 December International Civil Aviation Day
9 December International Anti-Corruption Day
10 December Human Rights Day
11 December International Mountain Day
18 December International Migrants Day
19 December United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
20 December International Human Solidarity Day 

Job: Director of Advocacy, the Malala Fund, New York

Job: Director of Advocacy, the Malala Fund, New York

About Malala Fund
The Malala Fund is the organization founded and inspired by the Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai. Malala campaigned in Pakistan for the right of all girls to go to school in the face of a ban on female education by the Taliban. She was shot by the Taliban for her campaign at the age of 15 on her way home from school, causing global outrage. Malala survived the attack and went on to become a world-renowned leader for peace and education, the youngest ever Nobel Prize nominee, and the most powerful advocate for girls’ rights of our time.
Malala launched the Malala Fund launched in October 2013, along with co-founder Shiza Shahid and a group of advisors, with the goal of creating a world where every girl has access to an education that empowers her to recognize her potential. The Fund has a two-pronged approach to its mission. First it invests in local entrepreneurs: working in communities to develop education solutions that are grounded in the reality of the girl and teaching her skills that empower her to lift herself out of poverty. Second, it aims to take these solutions to scale by pushing governments and donor organizations to prioritize high quality girls learning programs for girls. Malala and the Fund direct attention to the current state of girls’ education, and the potential of girls as an unparalleled force of change and development. The Fund then spotlights high-impact solutions that can de adopted and scaled by governments and multilateral institutions.
The organization is a start-up in its early stages. It is run by Shiza Shahid, who is the CEO, and advised by a cross-functional group of committed and passionate advisors including a partner at McKisney and a VP at Google. The team and the board will be built over the course of 2014.
Major Duties and Responsibilities
The Advocacy Director will lead the Fund’s advocacy work, with the goal of creating a campaign that brings increasing government and donor attention to girls’ education, and gives visibility to effective solutions.
This includes:
  • Work with CEO to develop advocacy strategy and implementation plan; 
  • Keep informed about and engaged with relevant research, debates, innovations and policy changes in education
  • Help prepare written materials, including policy analyses, innovation briefs, advocacy documents, and op-eds
  • Co-develop papers with partner organizations with key policy recommendations
  • Present policy recommendations to relevant groups, such as high-level government officials, international and regional institutions, media and general public;
  • Develop and maintain core partnerships with NGOs, UN, World Bank, Governments and communities;
  • Represent the Fund along with CEO, and sometimes Malala, at key international meetings at UN, World Bank
  • Be part of the start-up team and willing to contribute to other areas of work as need arises
Required Skills & Qualifications 
  • Experience in designing and implementing advocacy initiatives at the international, national land community level on gender/education/ related areas;
  • Strong relationship building skills with UN/multilateral agencies, government, and civil society/communities
  • Good analytical skills - ability to understand complex issues and present positions to governmental and intergovernmental bodies as well as to media and staff;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English;
  • Creative thinker – eager to explore out-of-the-box ideas rather than simply fit within the traditional framework
  • Passion for start-ups, willing to play different roles as necessary, work in a small-team and get things done 
for more information on how to apply see http://www.missiontalent.com/en/positions/MF-DA-NY/#.Uqi7t185FOo.tw...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


La violence incessante contre les enfants en République centrafricaine est un affront à l'humanité, déclare l'UNICEF

New York/Bangui, le 16 décembre 2013. Alors que la violence se poursuit sans relâche en République centrafricaine, les meurtres horribles et les sévices infligés aux enfants sont un affront à l’humanité, a déclaré l’UNICEF aujourd’hui.

« Cela fait trop longtemps que la vie des enfants de la République centrafricaine ne compte pas et trop longtemps que l’on ne compte pas leur vie dans cette crise oubliée, » a affirmé le Directeur général de l’UNICEF Anthony Lake.

« Les faits sont devant nous. Ce conflit cruel affecte désormais 2,3 millions d’enfants. Des enfants sont tués parce qu'ils sont chrétiens ou musulmans. Des enfants sont forcés de fuir leur foyer et de se cacher, terrorisés, pour éviter les combattants. Des enfants sont les témoins d'actes horribles de violence. Des enfants sont recrutés dans des groupes armés - jusqu'à 6 000 d’entre eux, peut-être. Ces attaques brutales perpétrées contre les enfants sont un affront à l'humanité, » a ajouté M. Lake.

Plus d'un demi-million de personnes ont été déplacées jusqu'à présent par le conflit et, selon les dernières informations, trois personnes par heure en moyenne ont péri dans les combats au cours de la seule deuxième semaine de décembre. En dépit d’une situation sécuritaire volatile, l’UNICEF continue de soutenir les services essentiels pour les familles déplacées dans les régions du pays touchées par le conflit, notamment à Bangui, Bossangoa et Kaga Bandoro.

Jusqu'à présent cette année, l'UNICEF et ses partenaires ont vacciné plus de 480 000 enfants de moins de cinq ans contre la rougeole. Plus de 47 000 personnes déplacées - pour la plupart à Bossangoa - ont reçu des couvertures, des bâches en plastique, du savon et des jerrycans fournis par l'UNICEF. Environ 280 000 personnes ont maintenant accès à de l'eau salubre. L'UNICEF continue également à soutenir la mise en place d’espaces sûrs pour les enfants pour leurs activités d'éducation et de loisirs, dans le cadre des efforts menés pour atténuer les traumatismes subis par tant d’enfants.

Vendredi, l'UNICEF a transporté par avion jusqu’à Bangui, la capitale, 77 tonnes de fournitures diverses : couvertures, savons, jerrycans, médicaments, matériel de purification de l’eau, bâches en plastique, kits de santé et trousses obstétriques. Au cours des 12 derniers mois, l'UNICEF a envoyé quatre autres avions cargos remplis de fournitures essentielles à destination des familles touchées par la guerre.

« Nous devons tous en faire davantage, a déclaré M. Lake. Mais c’est à ceux qui s’engagent dans la violence qu’incombe la responsabilité ultime de mettre fin à ce conflit cruel et amer. Il est impératif de protéger les écoles, les établissements de santé et les centres de transit. Et ceux qui continuent à faire du mal aux enfants doivent être tenus responsables. »

# # #
À propos de l’UNICEF
L’UNICEF promeut les droits et le bien-être de chaque enfant, dans tout ce que nous faisons. Nous travaillons dans 190 pays et territoires du monde entier avec nos partenaires pour faire de cet engagement une réalité, avec un effort particulier pour atteindre les enfants les plus vulnérables et marginalisés, dans l’intérêt de tous les enfants, où qu’ils soient.

Pour de plus amples informations sur l’UNICEF et son travail : www.unicef.org
Suivez-nous sur Twitter et Facebook

Pour de plus amples informations :
Linda Tom, UNICEF Bangui, Tél. : + 236 70550210; ltom@unicef.org

Laurent Duvillier, UNICEF Dakar, Mobile : +221 77 740 35 77; lduvillier@unicef.org

Marixie Mercado, UNICEF Genève, Mobile : +41 79 756 7703, mmercado@unicef.org

Kent Page, UNICEF New York, Tél. : + 1 212-326-7605; mobile : + 1 917 302-1735 ; kpage@unicef.org

Rita Ann Wallace, UNICEF New York, Tél. :  + 1 212 326 7586, portable: + 1 917 213-4034; rwallace@unicef.org

DJ Skeeper celebrates the Madiba


Friday, December 13, 2013

Ashoka Changemakes & TechChange Team up to empower Social Innovators inside institutions

Ashoka Changemakers and TechChange Team Up to Empower Social Innovators Inside Institutions

By Nancy Ngo
We’re excited to partner with Ashoka Changemakers to launch an online course on Social Intrapreneurship this February 25 – March 21, 2014! This four-week online certificate course on “Entrepreneurial Strategies for Social Innovation Within Institutions” aims to empower employees at private, public, and nonprofit institutions across the world with the tools and mindset of a lean startup entrepreneur looking to change the world by implementing socially innovative ideas within their organizations. For employers of these institutions, it discusses ways to foster a culture of innovation and staff engagement that drives social change.

What do you need to become an intrapreneur? How can employees of organizations promote social good?
TC108 will give participants experience with pitching, planning, advancing, and executing innovative and socially conscious programs within large organizations. Activities are geared to assist and inform organizations and individuals that want to cultivate and promote innovative, lean start-up, entrepreneurial approaches within their workforce to promote social good and provide an opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals. The course creates a global network of individuals who can expect an interactive learning experience to share ideas and strategies.

Social Intrapreneurship bootcamp: Changemaker competition and takeaways
Course participants will go through a customized Ashoka Changemakers concept formation and evaluation process and engage with accomplished guest experts who are leading social intrapreneurs at their companies, providing an insider’s view of what makes a good social intrapreneurial project proposal and what it takes for these ideas to stand out. By the end of the course, participants will have a two-page concept note, one page budget and powerpoint pitch for an innovative social change idea to be targeted to a specific organization. The TechChange/Ashoka Changemaker committee will review each concept note and once considered viable under the course principles, the approval will result in a TechChange Intrapreneurship Certification.

Join our learning community of Intrapreneurs
We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Ashoka, who has supported social intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship through programs such as the Ashoka Changemakers, the League of Intrapreneurs, and more for over three decades.
We’re also excited that Joe Agoada will be back to facilitate this course in February. He’s honing his intrapreneurial chops as a featured speaker at the 2013 Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona this week. Follow his live tweets from the conference @joeagoada and also from Jennifer Estevez @socialqgroup to follow the latest on Intrapreneurship.
Check out the syllabus and register now for the course to lock in early bird rates.
PCDN members receive $50 off. Please enter discount code: PCDN
Contact nancy [at] techchange [dot] org if your organization is interested in booking a group discount rate.
Any questions on the course itself? Please email Jennifer [at] techchange [dot] org.

About Ashoka Changemakers:
Changemakers convenes and connects high-potential changemakers, their ideas and resources, through the power of collaborative competitions and partner networks.
Changemakers builds on Ashoka’s three-decade history to engage a global network that embodies the Ashoka vision where “Everyone is a Changemaker”. In order to realize this vision, the world needs people to gain the skills and resources to collaborate on solving complex social problems. Visit changemakers.com to learn more.

About the Facilitator
Joseph Agoada is the Resource Mobilization Coordinator for the UNICEF New York headquarters’ Social and Civic Media Section, and founder of the mobile mapping project, UNICEF-GIS. He also implemented UNICEF’s 2010 World Cup in My Village initiative in Rwanda and Zambia. Joe is a recipient of several awards for his activism including: 2008 International Youth Foundation a Global YouthActionNet Fellow, 2009 Starbucks Shared Planet Grant Honoree, and 2012 Google Personal Democracy Forum Fellow. Joe has spearheaded the Intrapreneurship courses at TechChange, and is a featured speaker at the 2013 Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona. He graduated the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

This post originally appeared on the TechChange blog

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Leadership, Strategy and Stakeholder Alignment

World Bank-Annenberg Summer Institute in Reform Communication: Leadership, Strategy and Stakeholder Alignment

The World Bank Group, External and Corporate Relations, and the World Bank Institute’s Leadership Practice: World Bank Change, Knowledge and Learning Group, the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California are pleased to announce the 2014 Summer Institute in Communication and Reform. The executive course, which will be held from June 2-13, 2014, is designed for strategists and advisers in the public sector and civil society, senior development professionals, and seasoned communication specialists who want to strengthen critical competencies to provide implementation support to change agents and reform leaders in developing countries.
To apply for the upcoming June 2-13, 2014 summer institute, please click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eafXSnTCGI#t=32

Make Haste while you can.Peace is essential.

New academic workshop at The University for Peace in Costa Rica / January 2014

Join us for an exciting three-week academic workshop at UPEACE in Costa Rica, where you will learn how change makers are applying new media tools. You will acquire practical skills in project design, frameworks, citizen journalism, social media, computer security, photography, visualizing and web page creation. You will apply this new knowledge to shape a personal project by the end of the course.
Link to the class below :

'Its a lie a little kill' teaser


Erasmus Mundus Master's in Journalism Program

Application deadline

10 January 2014.

The Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Journalism, Media and Globalisation welcomes applications from graduate students around the world. You can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, or as a self-funded student. Please Please check here for the various scholarships we offer or click here http://mundusjournalism.com/admissions for the various scholarships offered.

European students who are granted a Mundus scholarship will have to study module 5 and 6 in the spring semester at one of our international partner universities: University of California at Berkeley; University of Technology Sydney; and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

We will have a number of Study Abroad places for the 2014-16 programme and, as we are not going to have that many Mundus scholarships for European students, we will arrange for an application process after course start in Aarhus for those students who are interested in a Study Abroad experience. This application process will be open to both EU and non-EU students.

Please note that both the application form and ALL supporting documents must be sent in before the deadline: otherwise your application cannot be considered. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the guidelines for the admission and application process before downloading the required forms.

What Next?

Alphonse CHEFOR
7:05pm Bamenda, Cameroon.

Sights and sounds of the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda (CATUC) staged spectacular trends with undergraduates earning their first academic degree. It was a colourful ceremony and the robes of the graduates told the story, the joy of having spent 3years successfully in various disciplines and being worthy of the certificates. Various speakers on the occasions called on them to let the light of CATUC shine in all they do and to be worthy ambassadors of the institution. Most of the cameras turned towards three students who scored First Class Honours in English, Accounting and Geography respectively. As most of them leave CATUC, the question arises what next, taking in to consideration the fact that, many institutions are sending out thousands of students each year in the same field and the job market in Cameroon can contain just a very minute portion. 
Ripe and ready for the job market on mark out distinction ceremony (The University sent out its first batch of degree holders from the Faculties of Business Management, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences), Friday December 6th 2013, they promised to show virtuosity in the different sectors of the cooperate world. Even before these graduates, the institution was already making its mark as a real city of wisdom with its former registrar Fr. Andrew Nkea, now Bishop Andrew Nkea being appointed as assistant Bishop for the Diocese of Mamfe. Just like any young institution struggling to find its feet in the world of higher education, CATUC has its own internal issues which really calls for concern. 

Sure sources say  the land on which this citadel of education is to be built is under dispute  (www.modernghana.com/news/466556/1/bamenda-court-ascertains-mbororo-occupancy-of-prop.html). The delay is causing serious shortages of classrooms as the school struggles to deal with its ever growing population who value Catholic education at a higher level. Secondly, it would appear Vice Chancellor Fr. Michael Suh Niba is as busy as a beehive man following the closure of  the Medical Doctors' training institution. An act that left a good number of students in frustration.
Reports however say that a few university officials have reacted on the shutdown of the school. The very concerned VC during the mass of the school’s first semester recollection on Wednesday November 27th 2013, called on the congregation to pray for the students affected by the winding up. Many have interpreted his statement to mean something good is around the corner, but for how long are these students going to wait? The school has not abandoned them on their own but fitted some in to various departments in the Faculty of Science while others have decided to pursue their dream elsewhere. Running such a high profile institution for 4years without a recognized student union is beginning to raise eyebrows and many students are wondering why the school authorities are taking time to do so. 

On this particular issue, it’s the blame game both sides are playing, some students are of the opinion that the activities of the Student Union in the biggest Anglo-Saxon university in the country, is the main reason why as they put it ’the school is afraid of establishing this vital organ’.
In the midst of joy & uncertainty, Parents and employers refuse to doubt the quality of the Catholic Education in Cameroon; the reason why the school’s enrollment within the last Four years has been on the rise. Two questions are relevant here; Can this first batch of 'CATUCIANS' compete with the ever changing and demanding requirements of the cooperate world?  Secondly with the quality training CATUC says she is offering, can they also compete and defeat their friends in the same disciplines from other institutions?  A task which many tell me, they would do all within their reach to prove those who doubt them, wrong.

Global Congress meeting against Economic Crisis, Child Protection & HIV/AIDS Treatment, Prostitution….

Dear Colleagues, Readers and Visitors, On behalf of Global California Youth Care Foundation (GCYCF), It is a great privilege for us to invite you to global Congress meeting against Economic Crisis, Child Protection & HIV/AIDS Treatment, Prostitution, Sex Work ,forced Labor,trafficking of women and children; violence against women; women’s economic issues,critical issues affecting world in the 21st century—governance and law, economic development, women’s empowerment, environment, and regional cooperation. The meeting is scheduled to take place from January 14th-16th 2014 in California the United States and in Dakar-Senegal from January 20th -22nd 2014, all interested delegates that requires entry visa to enter the United States to attend this meeting will be assisted by the organization, in obtaining the visa in their passport. Free air round trip tickets to attend this meeting will be provided to all participants.

The global congress is hosted by the Campaign against Child Labor Coalition and sponsored by (The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William J. Clinton Foundation and other benevolent donors worldwide, The Workshop welcomes paper presentation from any interested participants willing to present papers during the meeting.

The aims of the conference are to bring together researchers and practitioners in an effort to lay the ground work for future collaborative research, advocacy, and program development as well as to educate social service, health care, and criminal justice professionals on human trafficking and the needs and risks of those victimized by the commercial sex industry.
For registration information you are to contact the conference secretariat via e-mail: secretary( @ )californiafound.org

Please share the information with your colleagues,friends and relatives.
Sincerely, Dr. davis atul (Ph.D) Senior Activities Coordinator. B.A. from Denison University; M.A. from American University.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

is Michelle furious, Jealous over Barack's friendliness with PM or sad over Madiba's death?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Michelle Obama looks angry as Barack chats to attractive Danish PM at Nelson Mandela's memorial [Video and Photos]

While world leaders gathered in celebration of the life of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, social media seemed more interested in a selfie and a soap opera in the stands.

U.S. President Barack Obama managed to upstage his own universally praised speech about Mandela Tuesday not once, but twice, with pictures taken in the stands at FNB stadium.

Scroll down to watch video…

First there was a picture of Obama shaking hands with Cuba President Raul Castro. Then was the superpower selfie taken by Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt with a smiling Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

While some on social media said it was inappropriate to take such as picture at a memorial, many others focused on U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, who was sitting to the right of the president, wearing a grim look on her face.

While she appears to be facing the centre of the stadium, headlines and tweets were focused on her unimpressed look in comparison to the smiling world leaders next to her.

Comic Rob Delaney called the photo gallery the “funniest 3-panel comic in history.”

The later photo shows the Obamas have switched seats, with the first lady sitting next to the Danish prime minister and the president looking ahead sombrely. The president got up to leave and when he did, Michelle Obama could be seen chatting with Thorning-Schmidt.

A headline at Gawker blared “Obama in the Doghouse After Taking Too-Friendly Selfie with Danish PM” and linked to the photo gallery. Buzzfeed asked “Is this the most important selfie of 2013?”

Thorning-Schmidt, 46, has been prime minister of Denmark for just over two years and is married with two children. On her Facebook page, one commenter suggested she was not being respectful of Mandela by taking the picture.

Telegraph writer Iain Martin said the photo was uncouth and not worthy of good English manners.

“In all manner of jobs and professions are people who would not behave like Obama and Cameron did today on work time, partly because they just wouldn’t. And partly because they know that they might get fired for tweeting a grinning selfie from inside the recently-departed CEO’s memorial service,” he wrote.
- See more at: http://www.brimtime.com/2013/12/michelle-obama-looks-angry-as-barack.html#sthash.wS0SZBCp.dpuf