Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nativity Sojourning & A Promenade

People are running helter skelter this season for gifts to share with the less privileged, family and friends.
The cluttered or higgledy-piggledy movement sets the pace for last minute preparations of Christ's Coming. This Pell-mell, hotfoot and hit-or-miss strive to package a giveaway to someone is symbolic of love, peace and joy, some say. But how joyful are the Christians in wait of Christ's coming in the heat of conflict, war and serious unrest in many countries at this time of the year? While some families wed their lovely daughters to ordained husbands, Philanthropists hand me down remittance to the orphans & needy, heartbroken hard-hitting homes pay tribute to lost loved ones, distant relations make phone calls and sick persons stay in the hospital awaiting compassion from those who have a little more than they can chew, and are willing to share; The hustle and bustle character of the markets, churches, super markets, malls and even homes has twisted activities in major crossroads, romanced by serious hold-ups and pickpocketing, leaving victims to lament over their fate.

Hair dressing Saloons are making brisk business as no woman wants to spend Christmas with an old hair do. Nail Polish Actors in most of the markets in the economic metropolis are not left aside as the women desperately want to keep their nails clean, shiny and attractive. As homes prepare best African delicacies such as Corn Fufu & Huckleberry, Achu & Yellow (Black) Soup, Ekwang, Koki & Yams, Ndole & Miyondo,Pounded Potatoes & Beans, Water Fufu & Eru, Roasted Fish, Chicken or grilled meat for the adults, Children will inevitably be cooked rice & Chicken . This is to ensure that visitors don't lack anything to eat or drink at the birth of Christ.

The Churches on their part are preparing sermons that will open the doors of the hearts of the Christians to see the immense level of God's love for  mankind.

This reminds me of the last nativity sentiments I felt in 2002 when Christmas blossomed sunrise and suddenly,  there was an abrupt sunset that got me questioning the face of justice in Life. My attending all 3  weddings Saturday, enabled my viewing and foresight capacity to celebrate the love abiding spirit of some citizens close to me, who had taken the bold step of presenting their union to the open. Passing through the Court wedding of a big sister I fondly call Pho at the Tubah Rural Council,to Maureen's wedding with Clarence where I was the MC  at the Bayelle Hall and the customary wedding of my husband's niece, immense sentiments, sensations and emotions englutted my mind, body & soul. Little did I know that these bright & beautiful colours will carry me to the forgotten.

An antecedent so heavy and annoying that I almost journeyed to the land of no return. In the course of my venture, the elapsed visited my present imposing Anger, Arrogance, Bitterness and even Hatred. The Spiritual brain train after a hard struggle drained me from the promenade, outing the sadness & depression that took over me. I asked myself why I was carrying this burden in me when I know someone, coming days away, who can carry the load. I asked myself why forgetting was a problem after forgiveness. I asked myself if I will survive another odyssey should situations take me memory lane.

The Confusion Circuit Crossed my path and on my path-finding track traced epitomes that shouldn't be in me. Then, I realized that gifting, sharing and caring without emptying bones of contention could prevent one from getting closer to the Lord. How unwise, fruitless & useless can one have the holy writ without implementing its scriptures? Why can't I forget despite forgiveness? Why should I share & Care if I have not decluttered my mind? Is anybody feeling the same way and needs to open up?

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