Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mandela Means Monument

Nelson Free  At Last
Isabelle Rise Kenne – Douala, Cameroon
Freedom has lost one of its best friend. You have joined the land of hero… There are some people you wished they had never lived “Hitler” some you wished never died “Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela ‘Madiba’. What a great Name! not only the World today is mourning but the generation yet unborn. You were – You are still, You lived – you live. May your spirit continue to guide Africa from Hero Land RIP
Funge Diffang – Buea, Cameroon
The demise of Mandela marks the end of an icon for he stood for high values.
Lucy Lynda Tambe – Buea, Cameroon
Even with the lung disease at 95 that was far over the life expectancy of patients with respiratory diseases. We thank God that he did not die in Jail and lived to become from prisoner to a president. In short I thank God for Madiba’s life it was a long life though, and God did not want him to suffer for long with poor health. It is really a time of reflection and I do hope some of us who are faced daily with the struggle of race can only find inspirations from this great humanitarian.
Brenda NJIWAJI – Bamenda, Cameroon
The name MANDELA means African Leaders should stop being greedy and leave the stage in an honourable manner.
the tata
Eveline NGUENG – Douala, Cameroon
Madiba Mandela The Father of Equality of all races, RIP.
Dr Enow Brian – Bamenda, Cameroon
The true test of effective leadership is for the leader to be an absolute example.Mandela was nothing less than a true leader. Whatever you can’t die for, does not have enough reason to live for. He was a man of unquestionable integrity. GOD Bless his soul.
Amy BANDA – Cameroon
Football is to Brazil what the light of Mandela’s Peace, Forgiveness and Reconcilation in South Africa, is to Africa & the World.
 Michael MUKETE: The attendance of the first Memorial Service for Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela gives a true definition, a dictionary cannot give to the word 'HERO'


  1. Quite a great resource and example for you to emulate Amy...

  2. MADIBA is indeed A hero in the true sense of the word, a rare breed of an African leader, who was full of humility, a sense of humor, inspiration, peace and love for a people. ‪#‎TARGETPEACE‬ PEACE BEGINS WITH A SMILE

  3. I love this one inspiring change with a call for all to act: It always seems impossible until its done