Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Strange Brother.

No Cameroonian is a stranger in Cameroon!
No Cameroonian is a migrant in Cameroon!
No Cameroonian is a refugee in Cameroon!
Cameroon is where all Cameroonians belong notwithstanding the foolishness of our language differences and cultural boundaries.
No amount of calling full fleshed citizens ‘les bamendas’ will erase the ‘Cameroonality’ – identity and nationality – of an Anglophone Cameroonian.
No amount of political, economic and cultural discrimination/injustice will erase the Cameroonian nationality and identity from the genes and blood stream of an Anglophone.
Instead of maiming, torturing and killing your Anglophone sisters and brothers whom you desperately sought to join 55 years ago, talk things out and save Cameroon the disgrace.
We should be making sure rebuild Cameroon and bring an end to this language and cultural divide tearing a family apart. This long and painful story that has dictated that being an Anglophone is a liability must end!
Why do Cameroonians inter marry?
Why do Cameroonians of French expression send their children to schools of the English sub system of education in Bamenda, Buea, Kumba?
Why do Cameroonians love the Anglophone culture and hate the Anglophones?
What went wrong?
So many rhetoric questions only true daughters and sons of Cameroon will attempt.
Are these daughters and sons of Cameroon ready to lead change by being the true versions of themselves? 
This is our burden!
No one will help Cameroon to remove the burden.
No one will help Cameroon to rebuild the nation whose enviable peace is already threatened by the presence of the B.H insurgency.
Not even the politics of pity of those for whom our burden is a highly priced resource.
We will have to do it ourselves, on our own initiative.
Only Cameroon can give Cameroon the status, the image, the integrity, the justice, the peace, the prosperity, the prestige, the love, the understanding and the consideration Cameroon wishes for Cameroon.



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