Monday, January 9, 2017

D.O meetings have no impact on the people's decisions in NDU

What looked like a fairy tale to some has become a reality. The people of NDU wake up Monday January 9 morning to embrace a ghost town activity. The quietness of the markets, non movements of the commercial bikes and the graveyard like look of the administrative and education quarters leave every citizen of NDU dumbfounded.

The ineffective resumption of schools in this south town on the official term two take off date pushes denizens to ponder on whether or not to fight. Of what use is the fight if the future leaders will remain uneducated? Of what use is education if the system does not serve justice and equality as its texts prescribes, are amongst others, questions that animate every lip in the town of Ndu. 

Despite the impromptu door to door meetings held by the D.O Sunday; calling on all education stakeholders to effectively resume classes on Monday January 9, the people are more than ever bent to continue with the strike. This means the usual noisy streets littered with chanting people have been deserted. They cry for justice, equality in opportunities or the birth of a Federated nation whereby decentralisation will be absolutely respected for the common good of the people.

The republic of Cameroon was born after white domination and another page in history is being written by Cameroonians who are fed up with french domination over English speaking citizens who share the same rights and responsibilities. 55 Years ago, a young girl without much understanding of deep political intrincacies and exigencies now stands on her feet invoking the union or separation of both entities under colonial manipulations. 

Once both parties yearned for a major composition 'We go leave Nigeria, One Kamerun' and today the injustice has killed the enthusisasm of belonging. Those flames of unity now ring bells of federation or secession. 

However this is achieved, whether this has an effect on the school calendar, or not, the people don't care.

Ineffective Term two take off in NDU
January 9, 2017

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