Tuesday, January 17, 2017


With patriotism and oneness for the struggle of the southern Cameroon liberation movement, we the southern Cameroon students union within and out of the nation extend our sincere gratitude to the president of the Consortium Mr Agbor Mballa and to all members working in close collaboration with him on the current Anglophone Problem in Southern Cameroon. We write to you to let you know that the southern Cameroon students are behind this fight and will do anything possible for us to emerge victorious.
Mindful of the ongoing strike action that began last November 21st, 2016 spear-headed by lawyers and teachers which led to the shutting down of all educational establishments in the entire west Cameroon, and mindful of the recent developments in the month of January 2017 ( ghosts towns and failure of series of meetings held with agents from la republic ) has proven that the teachers and lawyers through the consortium are bent on liberating the SOUTHERN CAMEROONS people and to this we the southern Cameroons students union say BRAVO to your bravery.
Sirs you are our teachers, intellectuals and it is through your efforts in class rooms that we are able to talk and understand our history; the history of west Cameroon. With this in mind the people are looking up to you as our fighters . Please do not let the History of the 60s repeat itself, talk less of that which brought us to this state of being that's 1972 . For it is time to correct the mistakes our fore fathers made.
This problem has gone beyond that of just teachers and lawyers, as it now involves Southern Cameroonian. Sirs we are certain of your awareness and understanding that in order for a Government to function well, the people's voices must be taken into consideration. The people of west Cameroon need either a TWO STATE FEDERATION or INDEPENDENCE and for us to determine which is best for them, we STRONGLY stand on the idea of a REFERANDUM to decide on our fate. Nevertheless, it is beyond reasonable doubt that more that 70% of Southern Cameroonians are completely in for COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE !
That said, it is the cry, will and demand of the people that our COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE be tabled for discussion by the consortium and how to organise a referandum to achieve it.
Thus we the southern Cameroon students union hereby wish to make certain proposals that can help to fortify our consortium. These proposals include the following;
* At the beginning of this fight the members of the consortium made it clear to the government of la republic that before any dialogue can take place let the children that were arrested be unconditionally released but this was not done rather they went ahead to play over the intelligence of our course. With all due respect this downplayed our struggle and made the consortium seem rather confused and un-serious. We therefore demand that this clause be put back in place effectively. The consortium needs to understand that they are NOT begging the Government because our fight is justified, as we are only demanding for what is rightfully ours. The consortium should not gamble with the lives of our brothers and , as is now the case.
* That said, it is our utmost desire that freedom fighters like Hon Wirba Joseph and Mancho Bibixy be added to and given seats at the table of the consortium. This is because it is now a general struggle and not just that of teachers or lawyers and so the consortium should involve people with the peoples voice.
Again we are requesting that representatives of some of the association who are for this struggle be added and given seats in the consortium. They include representative(s) from the southern Cameroon students union, representative(s) from the NW and SW bike riders union, drivers union and representative(s) of the business men and women of Southern Cameroon, NW and SW duly represented in full capacity.
*We also request that all Anglophone Parliamentarians CEASE from being members of the La République Parliament. This is because we have come to discover that this is the major string that still binds us with La République and holds us back from achieving our desires.
* Finally we propose that prior to the unconditional release of our brothers and sisters who have been arrested, and the de-militarization of our Anglophone regions, it is our cry that the consortium CEASES discussions and SUSPEND all forms of dialogues with agents of La République and concentrate on tabling our cry for independence officially to the UN.
The students on their part have decided NOT to step into classroom WITHOUT the release of our brothers.
You have our relentless support in this fight for our freedom through independence.
We pray you listen to your people and together we will win this battle.
Long live Southern Cameroon
Long live Ambazonia
Done,this 17th day of January,2017.
The interim executive council,
Southern Cameroons Student Union

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