Friday, January 13, 2017

Hugely Successful Leaders Take Purposeful Actions

08/12/2016The on-going International Women Leadership Conference in Cameroon will amongst other things, be an opportunity for leading women in the Country to face and beat fear in order to improve on their businesses and outgrow company resource.

The Women Leadership conference which  opened on Friday, 08th December 2016 brought together business magnates and female leaders from Africa and beyond to discover investment opportunites in Cameroon.
Discussing their leadership experiences at their places of work and within familial parametres as great minds, the successful female leaders inspired, celebrated and empowered themselves with electrifying enriching stories that build bridges over their troubled waters.

'Cameroon's leadership potential is yet to fully explode so exemplary figures must embrace and embark on the fast changing trends that help develop for fulfilled leadership careers to be attained' Adeline SEDE, Founding President and CEO of FabAfrique / Organizer of the 2016 Corporate Awards. 
Experts say the slow pace of leadership growth is due to the limits women set for themselves. They always think they cannot do the things they want to do at all cost. Creating an iconic brand through ambition and determination embedded with a sense of style and endless energy applied to both professional and social lives are perfect recipes the female leaders tapped from the conference to develop their persuasive and passionate drive in their industrious settings.

That notwithsatanding, the Managing Partner of Lomerg International Service Limited, Dayo Oladere-Ilori says Cameroon has leadership potentials in the domains of politics, fashion, design, music,  e-business, entertainment and science due to its excellent university training, high literacy rate and bilingualism, which endorses persistence, curiosity and the great ability to move forward, relentless of some of the environmental factors that seek to slow down the female leaders' pioneering mindset.
This quality Dayo says makes her-the female leader- an exceptionally successful leader whose work influences the world of arts and sciences.

What do these women possess that has enabled them to become so extraordinarily successful? How have they managed to reach out to millions of people, capturing the hearts and minds of their customers,their audience, and created both a huge following and a thriving business, employing thousands of professionals, inspiring their audience year after year, becoming living legends and role models for other aspiring female leaders, leaving a legacy through their mere personalities, admired by everyone? are amongst other questions that caressed the lips of those willing to finetune their leadership skills to address issues in the most hostile settings.

It is worth mentioning however that these women like J.K Rowling put it all have magic inside of them. They just need to dig deeper.

After the useful discussions during this International Women Leadership Conference which tackled aspects that helped the ladies to broaden themselves and lay concrete groundwork towards a better use of their leadership prowess for development, a gala night assembled the best leaders whose work  created positive influence in the society for recognition and celebration.

Melinda Gates once said and I quote "A woman with a voice is by virtue a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult" and this urge reignited the flame of creativity in these leaders who believe more than ever in their creativity, but most of all, are aware of the resistance they will face. That notwithstanding, they prefer to be unique and remain true to themselves because they might end up not knowing how amazing they can be, if they choose to be normal. Taking the next leadership appointment in 24 months, these exemplary leaders opt to become more creative, since creativity is not only one of the essential characteristics of truly remarkable leaders, it is also the ability to come up with ideas, experiment, learn and produce through tapping into one's inner potential. And once creative, negative feelings and fears of failure and loss must be nailed to the ground. For all creative people and leaders fail, but they do learn from their failures, and are never ashamed of failing.
Photo credit: Raphel Mathuka

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