Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The release of Monique Koumateke's niece brings calm to the Douala LaQuintinie Hospital

Calm returns to the Douala LaQuintinie Hospital after heavily pregnant Monique Koumateke's niece Rose Abeh is released from the Newbell Central prison alongside the surgeon Dr NYAMSI Joel Patrick  and the mortuary attendant pending investigations. Rose Abeh is blamed for administering the C section with a razor blade on her pregnant aunt Monique Koumateke, in the open, in front of the mortuary in a desperate attempt to save the twins who later died.

It all began on Saturday...

Following the unfortunate incident, social media went wild with accusations that the woman died due to the negligence of the La Qunintinie hospital. The Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda in a press conference on Sunday March 13, 2016 clarified the situation noting that the 31 year old woman who was seven months pregnant died before reaching the hospital.

"It’s very very difficult when a pregnant woman dies and Cameroon lost one pregnant woman on Saturday 12th March 2016. In fact this pregnant woman went to a public health facility on Friday, 11th March and that was her first consultation after seven months. She received the medical planning, then on Saturday 12th March, she died. We don't know exactly where she died but at 8 am in the morning, the family arrived with her at the Nylon District Hospital and asked the doctor if he can carry out an operation to remove the foetus? The Doctor said no because it is not within the possibility of the district hospital. 
After that the family continued with her to La Quintinie hospital. They arrived the emergency ward, and in the emergency that they were told that issues concerning pregnancy should be taken to the maternity. 
At the maternity, the midwife and the major noticed that the woman had died a long time ago and it’s not possible to continue to do anything and advised the family to conduct the pregnant woman to the mortuary.
At the mortuary, one personnel with another woman thought that it will not be possible again to save the foetus. At this stage, they went back again to the maternity ward, but the midwife said that it is no possible because you cannot have the foetus alive when the mother is dead. 
At this moment one personnel of the mortuary with one woman who accompanied this pregnant woman decided to open her stomach and remove the foetus. 
It’s a horrible act and Cameroon is very very sad. I will inform you that the security forces continue to survey the midwife, the major, the woman and the personnel of the mortuary. I will say that, it is not a problem of negligence in the district hospital of Nylon or La Quantinie hospital in Douala.  This problem is terrible and together we continue to survey and we will have all aspects of this problem for the near future".
Immediately after the incident the Attorney General of Douala ordered the arrest of midwife, the major, the woman who carried out the C section operation in the open under unethical practice and the personnel of the mortuary who are currently helping in investigations.
The Governor of the Littoral Region, Samual Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua held security meeting with officials of laquinitie hospital and placed the hospital under security surveillance.
Images taken during the operation has provoked mixed reactions on social media. In the meantime investigations are ongoing.
And Now...
All detained suspects have been released.
Investigations deepen and administrative authorities plan to crucify the culprits once proven guilty because sensitive and heartbreaking scenes like Saturday's ugly incident suffice to plunge a country into a devastating warfare. How could such a heartless scene be happening days after the March 8 commemoration marked in Cameroon under the theme: 'Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment:Meeting the challenges and overcoming the obstacles'?

Monday, March 14, 2016


An out loud cry for peace to show its face on my Country

Hi World, I have a bleeding heart. My heart is bleeding because abnormal things are happening in my country and normal decisions are not taken to police wrong acts. This negligence, irresponsibility, corruption and greed has rendered people born with values valueless. I lack words to describe the horrifying incident because a hospital is safe home I know to any patient. In my grief, I receive a phone call telling me of a man in his early thirties violently taking his own life in one popular supermarket in the economic metropolis Monday Morning. I ask myself what is happening to my World? Has Pressure done this much damage to God fearing people? Has Hardship rendered people heartless and irresponsible to the point of not caring for the repercussions of their acts? In all of this, I know peace is real. And I believe irrespective of the disheartening circumstances, we all can decide to shun violence by targeting peace
Your kind ttention given to this peace and justice campaign for Cameroon and Monique will help a great deal https://www.facebook.com/Amy-Banda-454524697979291/

Reactions from a cross section of citizens

The Monique tragedy is a vivid picture of how rotten the health system of Cameroon has become. The other day over radio I heard patients of a dialysis hospital in Buea complaining how the hospital uses every opportunity to squeeze them of money but there is hardly water to do dialysis for them. The hospital Director said they lack five million francs to sink a borehole! This is shameful in a country where individuals are squandering and bleeding the nation of its wealth. Protest against corruption amongst Medical doctors and nurses is a war that must be fought at all fronts! That is why we do not hesitate to dismiss nurses and doctors who indulge in malpractices in our health institutions of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC). The axe is sharpened, ready to fell down any tree that is a disgrace to the system! Let justice be done for Monique; and that will be for all who have lost their lives under similar circumstances across this triangle. Once in Yaounde somebody involved in a motor accident was forced into the mortuary half dead. He gained consciousness, crawled to the door, struggled until finally gave up the ghost! Where has human conscience gone to? Rev. BABILA FONCHANG.

I can't believe what happened in Cameroon. How can doctors refuse to attend to a pregnant woman at Laquintenie and watch her being operated upon with a razor blade by a family member. While waiting for a statement from the government vuvuzela I am really speechless. This should not happen to my country. To imagine the pain some pregnant women face in the hands of midwives some of whom are women. U get statements like "push fast" "was I there when you were doing it. " etc. Unbelievable. 
Boh Elvis 

My mind runs with some questions surrounding the death of 31yrs old late Koumate Monique who should have been bearing MANYI but is rather bearing LATE. 
Some of these questions are contrary to many opinions. Many times some men make their errors and expect fellow man to sacrifice his or her life to repair. So did she fail to follow some basic principles of life which have led to this? 
Throwing blame of her death on the medical core does not exactly explain...
- She didn't do anti-natal clinic follow-ups.
- She attempted delivery at home by her relation.
In as much as I recognise some negligence in our hospitals, much more is self negligence by individuals who take their health for granted. Patients' ignorance n negligence kill far more than errors of hospitals.
PLEASE, before you draw conclusions, be objective n realistic. Let the law investigate in its expertise n tell us where the fault came n who needs correction. ELAN Julius Theodore

I think we all followed the minister's press conference and I believed the medical corps is absolved from any accusations of negligence. PLEASE LET'S TAKE OUR HEALTH SERIOUSLY AND STOP LOOKING FOR WHOM TO BLAME. Ensah Bertrand

Poverty should not lead to death. Calling on justice for Monique Koumate who died after receiving no medical attention because of poverty. Her niece desperately slit her stomach open to rescue the twins who were still visibly active in the womb. One came out alive and died a few minutes later, while the other came out dead. We pay taxes to subsidize a lot including health care. Monique did not have to die; even her her babies in front of La Quantine hospital Douala. Click "like" if you support and 'share' to get justice for Monique. BILEM NUMFOR 

It is reported that this poor lady was rushed to the hospital in Douala and because of lack of money, the doctors and nurses refused attending to her. She was forced out of the hospital. Seeing that she was about given up the ghost, her sister used razor blade on her, tore open her womb and delivered a set of twins. The twins died hours later joining their mum. Prince Nfor Hanson.

Health Minister Debunks Protest Claims...
The minister of public health, Andre Mama Fouda, has refuted popular claims Monique Koumate died out of negligence from medics at the Laquintinie hospital in Douala.
Speaking this evening during a press conference in his ministry to address issues relating to the dead of the 31years old woman and her 7 months babies, the minister indicated the woman had already died before she was brought to the hospital.
He went further in saying it is medically ethical not to conduct operation on a dead woman indicting the actions of the niece of the decease. 
This now gives a great indication, the director and medics at laquintinie hospital will be spelt from any prosecution while on the other, the niece of Monique presently under custody could be prosecuted.

The Littoral Governor blames the social media for exposing the tragic incident relevant of injustice, neglect and irresponsibility http://www.alafnet.com/2016/03/cameroon-laquintinie-governor-blames-the-social-media-for-exposing-the-country/

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

National Assembly: High stakes 2016 session opens March 10, 2016

The 2016 session of parliament is due to start with member of both houses already taking their resident in Yaoundé.
Photo for: National Assembly: High stakes 2016 session opens March 10, 2016
A press release from the secretariat of both houses of parliament convened senators and Parliamentarians for the start of the session on Thursday 10th March 2016.
As the tradition has been since the creation of the Senate, the National Assembly will be the first to open in earnest and later in the afternoon the senate will also resume.
The session which is the first for the year in both houses will be opened by the eldest member in each of the houses who will run affairs of the institution assisted by the two youngest members until a new executive bureau is elected.
The session according to political pundits is going pregnant with a lot of activities that might influence a change of the political landscape in the country.  Political analysts are of the opinion that the session which is coming after the numerous calls from the peoples of Cameroon for President Paul Biya to stand for re-election and others calling for anticipated elections may lead to a modifications of the constitution.
The political class contends that the mandate of the presidency may be reduced and anticipated elections organised. Another school of thought thinks that a national congress may be organised grouping the two houses of parliament and it will be presided over by the President of the Republic.
On the economic front the experts project that the session will examine the level of execution of construction works on the stadia that will host the 2016 female African cup of Nations that Cameroon is due to host in November. The digital economy which Cameroonians have been advised to embrace as an anchor development should also be a preoccupation for the law makes who will be questioning the level of implementation.
The fight against boko Haram is an inevitable subject that would arise in deliberations especially as the defence forces are making significant gains on the battle front.

Cameroon Women’s Scholarship: 16 beneficiaries selected

09/03/2016  16 Cameroonian women benefit from 16 000 000 CFA worth scholarship from the British Government.

Photo for: Cameroon Women’s Scholarship: 16 beneficiaries selected
The scholarships will enable each of the 16 ladies pursue a Master’s Degree programme in any University within Cameroon.
While handing over attestations to the beneficiaries duiring a cocktail party, the British High Commissioner to Cameroon, Brian Olley promised the United Kingdom’s support to education in Cameroon and contribution towards the country’s emergence.
The British High Commissioner explained that the selection criteria was strict as only those with impressive developmental projects for the country were selected.
Though 16 were chosen as against the initially 20 earmarked, the British Diplomat hopes 20 women will be selected next year.
While the representatives of the Ministers of Higher Education and Women Empowerment and the Family thanked the Government of the United Kingdom for its largesse and efforts in empowering the female folk, the recipients of the scholarship were visibly overjoyed.
The Cameroon Women’s Scholarship Scheme was initiated in 2011 in line with the Commonwealth Day theme of that year, "Women as agents of change.”
The scholarship which is in its fourth edition aims at training Cameroonian women with leadership skills so that they could contribute in the country’s development.
The scholarships awarded this 8th March 2016, seemed to be a timely Women’s Day package for the 16 Cameroonian women.


Yaounde: Callbox operators on strike

09/03/2016 Callbox operators in Yaounde have for the past three days been protesting against unfair treatment received from Cameroon's mobile telephone companies, MTN, Orange and Nexttel.



This 9th March 2016, the courtyard of the MTN Head Office in Yaounde was crowded with the striking businessmen carrying placards with messages on their demands.
While blowing whistles and shouting at the top of their voices, the businessmen have obstructed the flow of traffic along the street.
Through the strike action, the call box operators are asking for better working conditions and higher profits. Some of their grievances include:
- The freedom to buy credit from any sales point
- The improvement in credit transfer procedures
- A more speedy credit transfer notification.
- An increase in profit margin
- A more honest partnership between service providers and mobile telephone companies.
The callbox operators are expressing frustration and feel sidelined by the many low-cost options proposed directly to consumers by the mobile operators.
These service providers are determined to carry on with the strike for as long as concrete solutions have not been sought by MTN, Orange and Nexttel.
Competent authorities are currently working on a crisis meeting to listen and propose solutions to the demands of the striking operators.