Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yaounde: Callbox operators on strike

09/03/2016 Callbox operators in Yaounde have for the past three days been protesting against unfair treatment received from Cameroon's mobile telephone companies, MTN, Orange and Nexttel.



This 9th March 2016, the courtyard of the MTN Head Office in Yaounde was crowded with the striking businessmen carrying placards with messages on their demands.
While blowing whistles and shouting at the top of their voices, the businessmen have obstructed the flow of traffic along the street.
Through the strike action, the call box operators are asking for better working conditions and higher profits. Some of their grievances include:
- The freedom to buy credit from any sales point
- The improvement in credit transfer procedures
- A more speedy credit transfer notification.
- An increase in profit margin
- A more honest partnership between service providers and mobile telephone companies.
The callbox operators are expressing frustration and feel sidelined by the many low-cost options proposed directly to consumers by the mobile operators.
These service providers are determined to carry on with the strike for as long as concrete solutions have not been sought by MTN, Orange and Nexttel.
Competent authorities are currently working on a crisis meeting to listen and propose solutions to the demands of the striking operators.

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