Monday, January 9, 2017

A befitting poem for the freedom fighters of the victims of the Anglophone Problem by Amy BANDA

They beat them, Maltreated them, maimed them, raped them, tortured them thinking they were breaking the spirit of the freedom fighters

Listen… let me narrate a short story to you
They say news is nicer from the horse’s mouth
I am talking about the painful story of the Anglophones in Cameroon
Oh No! Are you still wondering?
I’m talking about the marginalization and the struggle of the Anglophones in Cameroon
The Minority always given the second place in the society
I can hear the echoes of their angry voices
I can hear their grievances
I can feel their pain
I can also smell the gain out of the struggle
Freedom is an idea Anglophones want to live for
But if need be, Freedom is an ideal they will die for.

Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue
Where did you hide your face?
Sentenced to the verdict of marginalization,
Injustice and Inequality became the daily bread of Anglophones
Despised and given secondary roles always, termed ‘les bamendas’ as if to denigrate their personalities, given little or no importance in the educational, legal and communication sectors, always assisting Francophones who many a times are not as competent as them…..
Thinking they were breaking the spirit of the Anglophones

Little did they know they were preparing the Anglophones to break the chains of inequality, oppression and discrimination.
And out of this mental prison, Anglophones opened their hearts and forgave the perpetrators of violence, injustice and asked for dialogue
Fighting their way out of the cage, the cave to centre stage, dialogue was the only option
An option too difficult for the other party to accept, yet very vital to save a people from tearing apart because of foreign languages and culture

Had it not been for the sacrifices of the bold, brilliant and determined lawyers and teachers who later got support from students who got killed in the peaceful protest, the Anglophone problem will be ignored and deepened sores will not be treated.

Thank you Anglophone Lawyers,

Thank you Anglophone teachers,

Thank you University Students for being courageous enough to expose the rotting sore.

You are heroic figures!

You made Anglophones proud of being full-fleshed patriotic and dutiful citizens of Cameroon.
Proudly Cameroonian
Target Peace

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