Friday, January 13, 2017

Riley Fru talks to Southern Cameroons

My dear Ambazonians, greetings to you once more. 
Most of you must have seen the video by Mr Tassang talking about Thurday's meeting which is pretty good. Let's look at the big picture, the lawyers and teachers (Consortium) presented a long list of what they want. More than 90% of the people want Independence and if the worse come to the worse federation but I am not sure the people are going to get their demand. 

The ministers want to make sure schools resumes by all means necessary, they by pretending to be calm, submissive and looking into the list presented by the consortium. We are strongly behind the consortium but is the consortium working for the people? My answer is NO. The first condition for any dialogue was to make sure all detained protesters are released but the consortium has FAILED to keep that promise. If the consortium was with the people, they wouldn’t have been any long list rather, the list would be:
1. Release all our brothers
2. Federation or Independence
That was supposed to be the list based on the people’s demand and any other list is supposed to be subtitles under the above 2 points. Tassang Wilfred in his video said even if the teachers and lawyers grievances are made, the strike will not be call off because the people have their own grievances. It looks like the lawyers; teachers and the people have different problems, is this how things are supposed to be? What happened to united people with common problems? Southern Cameroonians have proven beyond reasonable doubts the degree of their unity and united people have common problems.

Radio Hot cocoa is down, the Jakiri local radio station was shut down yesterday simply because Hon wirba used it to announce a meeting scheduled for tomorrow in Kumbo. As of now, the consortium should know that the government is not actually willing to solve our problems and all they want is for schools to resume so that UNESCO wouldn’t shut down schools for this year, after which everything will go to normal. Fru Ndi on the hand just newly appointed a SG for his party, surprisingly a guy from La Republic and what is this supposed to mean? Is he with us when we were hoping for his MPs to join this fight? 
This piece of advice is to the consortium:
Mr Tassang Wilfred made it clear to the whole nation that they are in control of Southern Cameroon which is the highest treat the regime has ever have, it was a blow directly to their face. 

Do you know the consequences of this if we don’t win this fight to the people and most importantly to you and your family? Winning I mean Independence or Federation. Whatever discussion you guys are having without the president himself, the UN and Britain is just going to be another Foumban Conference. We are blaming ST Foncha, Muna, Jua etc for putting us in this hell on earth in our own land, the next generation will blame you the consortium for putting them in bigger problems than Foncha did 56 years ago. 

Before the regime silent you the consortium if we don’t win, the people, same Okada riders who believed and protect will turn on you like bees if you betray them. No dialogue was supposed to take place without our brothers released or the regime accountable for their dead. 
To my lovely Ambazonians, if we don’t win this fight, I welcome you to 21st Century first class Marginalization far worse than what you are going through right now.
I am just an Ambazonian who was in support of federation but now in full support of independence because I know that can be achieved.


Riley FRU.

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