Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bamenda/Buea citydwellers suffer persistent effects of the strike

Tuesday January 10th 2017

The population of the towns of Bamenda, Buea, Limbe and Kumba wake up Tuesday January 10, 2017 surrounded by a relative calm and silent atmosphere with a few operational businesses, 24 hours after official resumption date. The over 2 month old Lawyer/Teacher strike apparently is consuming the minds of the Anglophone citizens who more than ever want the absolute respect of their demands. Due to the unresolved grievances tabled to the administrative quarters, deserting of school premises has become a new strategy to push the government to adopt the option of dialogue.
 Before now, victimised 'les bamendas' as English speaking Cameroonians are fondly called by their compatriots of French speaking expression, will accept everything and anything from the government.Today, the story is different as they are prepared to die for freedom/independence/separation, if that end is inevitable.
The situation is even more serious with Mr BIYA's silence as a patriotic citizen from the main opposition stronghold Sirri Mangie puts it 'Every war is a test of resolve. Mr Biya and his Merry Men have tested our resolve and our determination. They have seen it. In fact, they have seen only a very tiny bit of it. They may not yet know the full expanse of the frightening resolve in the children of Ambas. However one thing is clear. We prove to ourselves this day that we are indeed a people, a people proud of its history and culture and tradition and might and power and resolve. In 2009, the African Commission on Human and People's Rights told French Cameroun that the people of Ambazonia S Cameroons are a separate and distinct people with inalienable rights especially the right to existence and the right to free themselves from colonisation. We are doing just that. The issue is not nonsense talks about a federation that has no basis. French Cameroon voted against any joining with Ambazonia Southern Cameroons on April 21, 1961. The issue therefore is the restoration of the independence and sovereignty of our country. Freedom Land, the anthem says and to Buea we come.'
CHE FON on his part published on his facebook wall that  'A referendum was conducted today in the English Cameroons on the popularity of the regime in Yaounde and based on who has the mandate of the people. The consortium swept over the national territory by a landslide victory depicting the will of the English Cameroons. We do not bow to the authority in Yaounde anymore because they have not given us reason to. Our struggle has just begun.'
The Chairperson of an Ad Hoc Interministerial committee made an official announcement
 informing the following of their new tasks to the republic:
Mr. NJIE Samuel KALE, PCC Education Secretary;
Mr. NTOKO NTUBA Wilfred, Cameroon Education Forum;
Mr. George NGWANE, Parent;
Ms. Lois EBENYE IKOME, Principal G.B.H.S Tiko;
Mr. MBETE William, Principal G.T.H.S Muyuka;
Mr. S.T MBU, Education Secretary Lay Private;
Fr. EBIAGA Peter Paul, Mamfe Diocese;
Mr. MOTANGA Hilary Hamza, Islamic Education Secretary Buea.
The public announcement informing the Adhoc committee members of their new assignments of examining and proposing solutions to the concerns raised by Anglophone Teachers' Trade Unions was issued by the Director of the Prime Minister's Cabinet, Paul MINGO GHOGOMU.
Hoping this will efficiently and effectively speed up the dialogue option, the citizens of main opposition stronghold who have recently resisted bribes aimed at corrupting their virtuous intentions, hold that things have gone back to normal but no schools until the demands of the Lawyers and the teachers are met.

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