Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Day's inspiration for phenomenal women in Cameroon

few days ago, I had a discussion with a friend who said: “Independent women as you don't take any shit from anybody.” My reply was formal: “You are right because shit is made to be in toilets not among humans. Moreover, the problem with our society is that, when a woman has a high social standard and great personality, most men shall try to break her down. They are just as their father, the devil because he destroys and steals your joy. No matter the kind of relationship are made to enrich and improve both parties, otherwise, you should come out of it. He who tries to degrade your value is not a friend but an enemy of your progress.”

This is a new year and you must make yourself a favour, come out and cancel all relationships that downplay you. You are of great potential and you need people ready to encourage and motivates you.
Trust me , you will be happier alone counting on God rather than relying on fake friends.
Happy Wednesday!
Diane Ndeuna

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