Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Anglophone Cameroon observes Day 2 of the Consortium led sit in protest

 The 48 hour Consortium led Ghost town in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon has effectively paralised activities and transformed the towns into a graveyard. Bamenda, Buea, Kumba, Wum, Nkambe, Banso, Kumba amongst other towns of  southern Cameroons observe day 2 of the sit in strike. This quiet and peaceful protest preventing the smooth flow of economic transactions, security tasks, slowing down business operations and even life saving missions, is a follow up of the first, calling on government to adhere to the demands of the Lawyers and the Teachers for the Anglophone population.

The beauty of having a buoyant city is farfetched with the effective observance of Consortium led 48 hour sit in strike. Vehicles have all gone into a technical comatose leaving the streets to emptiness and quietness. The noise and usual activity in the markets have momentarily vacated the premises leaving the busy hubs almost in the form of graveyards. The schools have been deserted and those who dare oppose the agreement as was the case in the South West Coastal city of Limbe Monday January 16, 2017, face the wrath of an angry youth.

Reports reaching us at press time indicate that a group of young boys in Azire have placed barricades on the road prevnting circulation. This has pushed the annoyed forces of law and order to pump tear gas as a means to chase the youth from the streets.

They should know by now that violence is not going to push the Anglophones to back off. Even the veteran journalist who is the national chair of Cameroon's Communication Council early Tuesday on state media affirmed, only honest negotiations and agreements will put an end to this circle of protests.

While waiting for a new dawn of tranquility, fairness, justice and peace which depend only on a frank dialogue where both parties enjoy equity in being citizens of a nation, the ghost town sit in strikes will continue to animate Anglophone Cameroon.

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