Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II has visited the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) where he rubbed minds with the seasoned diplomatic brains and joined the representative of the DG of the IRIC, His Excellency Pierre Emmanuel Tabi, the distinguished Professor Alain Didier Olinga, keynote speaker and Chargé d’ Affaires for the Embassy of Italy Danilo Giurdanella, Mr. Benedikt Madl from the High Commission of the European Union, and Professor Andrea de Guttry from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Italy at the opening ceremony of an "International Training Program on Civilian Peace Support Operations to promote peace and development. The Chargé d’ Affaires of the Liberian Embassy to Cameroon and representatives of the Nigerian High Commision did not fail to honour the occassion with their presence and significant contributions, given the reality Cameroon and Nigeria still struggles to address.
"International Training Program on Civilian Peace Support Operations" program speakers & participants at IRIC in Yaounde on August 29, 2016."

Participants of the program from IRIC &  other academic and international organizations brainstormed on judicious ethical but peaceful strategies to settle the dust in the air.
Mr. Quiroz in an electrifying opening speech affirmed Africa must reach breakthrough with the ingenuity, passion, enthusiasm, engagement and commitment of budding talents seeking peace, integrity and justice. "As President Obama has said, and Ambassador Michael S. Hoza has reiterated, this is Africa's century and Cameroon's moment to attain development through the immense talents and contributions of all youth. The United States is proud to partner with Cameroon, other African nations, the European Union, with Italy - represented here today by His Excellency Chargé d’ Affaires Giurdanella - and others around the world to promote peace and development."
Left to right: On August 29, Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II visited the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC) where he joined Professor Andrea de Guttry from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna from Italy, keynote speaker and Chargé d’ Affaires for the Embassy of Italy Danilo Giurdanella, and Mr. Benedikt Madl from the High Commission of the European Union, at the opening ceremony of the "International Training Program on Civilian Peace Support Operations."

His Excellency Pierre Emmanuel Tabi highlighted Cameroon’s and IRIC’s commitment to participate in such engaging international peacekeeping missions driving at the absolute attainment of civilian peace. He gave a hundred percent support to the peace building and keeping operations, while yet  promising to partner with other nations to achieve the goals of calm and tranquility for sustainable development. 
The distinguished IRIC Professor Alain Didier Olinga delivers remarks at the "International Training Program on Civilian Peace Support Operations" held in Yaounde on August 29, 2016.

Chargé d’ Affaires for the Embassy of Italy Danilo Giurdanella in his keynote address attested to his nation’s commitment and track record in supporting peacekeeping efforts around the globe. Speaking further, he lauded Cameroon’s role in these operations. Mr. Benedikt Madl from the High Commission of the European Union on his part, also pinpointed the EU’s commitment to promoting peace, which to him like ~ John F. Kennedy does not rest in the charters and covenants alone; It lies in the hearts and minds of all people, who must not rest all hopes on parchment and/on paper, but strive hard to build the asset peace, a desire for peace, a willingness to work for peace in the hearts and minds of World citizens. For the problems of human destiny are not beyond the reach of human beings.
Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II delivers remarks at the "International Training Program on Civilian Peace Support Operations" held at IRIC in Yaounde on August 29, 2016.

 Professor Andrea de Guttry discussing in an elaborate and enriching exchange with the intelligent audience reiterated "what men and women leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of other women and men of future generations.
He seized the occasion to communicate on the ideal chances and opportunities scholars of his institution, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, can benefit from.  Lauding the prowess of the IRIC professor Dr. Melvin Ndiloseh who was one of the program’s organizers for her extraordinary academic achievements in Italy, he invited Cameroonian students to top their charts with the right choice. 
Mr. Quiroz on his part saluted the merit of Dr. Ndiloseh , who to him is an examplary patriotic, engaged and devoted Cameroonian youth, the era should celebrate. "She is among a field of scholars who study abroad and return home to contribute to their nation’s development in all fields.”
Curtains of the program were drawn with a colourful reception of guests and program participants, shortly followed by interviews with the local media.

Mr. Benedikt Madl from the High Commission of the European Union delivers remarks at the "International Training Program on Civilian Peace Support Operations" held at IRIC in Yaounde on August 29, 2016.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Heaps of dirt litter the streets of Douala

It is unclear who is in charge of littering the streets with heaps of dirt or decorating the roads and major cross roads with refuse but citizens must be informed of the damage this causes our subways. 

The man in Akwa responsible of putting the road in good shape is littering the streets with dirt because the trash cans are full to brim upon his arrival to empty household refuse bin.

The Citizens living behind Espace Supermarket Akwa are not any different. Every other person complains in locked doors since authorities of the sanitation and hygiene company have chosen to maintain sealed lips on the issue.

As every poisoned meat is food for another, the young man is searching the public refuse bin metres away from the biggest retail market in Central Africa Mboppi Market to find plastic bottles which will be sold to recycling agents and business men producing fake products for refilling. 

There are hopes the Ancien Dalip tarred road will not suffer decay in the nearest future with the coming of this new public refuse site servicing citizens right in-front of a renown bakery and petit phone businesses for call box operators doing ll they can to be ready for a new school season. This has  provocatively been dragging too for pretty long but they seem not to care for their health.

I wonder who will supervise our streets from harbouring rubbish in strategic zones!

Monday, August 8, 2016




Lulu Favour Efange is not only phenomenal because she is the pioneer presenter of a Morning TV show in Cameroon 'The Good Morning Cameroon' on STV, she is phenomenal because her life still inspires and empowers many into the profession.

'Good Morning! Today is going to be a great day.... so act like it!', 'Good Morning, start every day believing you are the chosen tribute for your district', 'Good Morning, Its a miracle seeing a new day so don't just stumble out of bed, Jump out of bed. Be Joyful and Laugh', 'Good Morning Cameroon! The Day is waiting for you, Go Forth and prosper' amongst others are generous, soft spoken, courageous, warm words the thoroughly work ethic and industrious Mami Lush used to get world citizens on their feet every morning for punctuality and productivity. Uplifting minds to positively embrace the day's challenges was her main task on the show as she would do everything professionally and spiritually possible to add value and light to a life at dawn.

               Live a little, Try to make someone smile, Stay Focused, Keep Smiling and Keep Striving.

Born to Chief P.M EFANGE of blessed memory and Mrs Lydia (Mbome)  EFANGE WOTUTU  on August 8th 1976 in Addis Ababa, LULU JONDO EFANGE blessed her parents with much joy and laughter. The TV Personality attended the Parents' National Educational Union (P.N.E.U)  Nursery & primary School of Bota, where she obtained her F.S.L.C. She schooled in one of the prestigious secondary schools in Cameroon, the Saker Baptist College and G.H.S Limbe where she obtained her 'O' & 'A' Level certificates in 1991 & 1993 respectively. Varsity education took her to the then lone Anglo-Saxon university of the Country, the University of Buea where she obtained a B.Sc degree in Sociology and Anthropology.
Leaving University she became the pioneer radio broadcaster of Ocean City Radio Limbe where she thrilled listeners with her voice, charisma and content on her shows. While people were trying to understand her secret, she moved to the economic metropolis to sign with the Douala-based Spectrum Television as an anchor lady of the first ever Morning TV show (which has become a concept with other TV stations)  in the country. The TV Legend 'Mami Lush' whose content was highly appreciated by Anglophones smartly part ways with STV in 2006. One bitter truth many Anglophones are still to come to terms with. The Industrious woman she is, she opened a restaurant at Nouvelle Route bessengue where African delicacies were served sons and daughters of the soil on time at affordable prices. 

She opened the Favour Communication House at Bonanjo, a public relations and advertising company wherein FCH went extra miles to wear smiles on the faces of her diplomatic institutions via services rendered. Then impacting and challenging many lives with her multi dimensional gifts, she set up the Visionary Women of Valor Ministries wherein many homes were blessed. Before Lulu's death, so many testimonies were made by families who survived separations and divorce thanks to Lulu's counselling programs in her Women of Valor Ministries International with main aim to bring out the dignity of womanhood for God's glory.

Like Oprah, the TV legend who was a very driven woman  tried her hands in so many business ventures. She also opened a Christian Bookshop in which all sorts of religious books could be found to nourish and uplift the mind and spirit of Christians for bigger challenges. Leaving her indelible footprints in the sands of time that famous Holy Thursday (April 17) after last supper with Christ, the Minister of GOD went for eternal rest after dutiful service. 

Good Morning Messages I am sure will fall on her answering machine and birthday greetings will decorate her social media handles today as a means to thank her for the instantaneous joys her smiles provided hearts, souls and troubled spirits. Whistling while you work, lets make it a goal to be positive and uplifting each day to.

Be your best like Lulu to survive the odds for God's glory on this LULU FAVOUR EFANGE DAY on my calendar.

She nicknamed herself Favour because she knew that the favor of The Lord rested upon her. God saw that her work on earth was completed and He called her to rest in His favor for eternity.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

‪#‎TARGETPEACE‬ empowers tens of widows for peace building & restoration tasks

The ‪#‎TARGETPEACE‬  online advocacy campaign organised a 'widows empowered for peace' fellowship in Douala on August 2, 2016.
Hours after the annual commemoration of the Day of the African Woman marked this year under the theme "Promoting Human Rights With Emphasis On Women's Rights: Cameroon Reaffirms Its Commitment", the dynamic potential of these broken spirits was beefed up on a peaceful & intellectual platform with the slogan, "Peace begins with a smile". In order to prepare the participants for peace crusading missions, the ‪#‎TARGETPEACE‬  Empowerment Platform through intellectual and mind blowing peace building exercises, enriched the widows for a challenging but possible peace building process.
Opening the gathering, the renowned Advocate of Human Rights and Liberties, Good Governance and Democracy and also a seasoned Elections Monitoring expert (http://hallelaw.com/en/member/nico-halle/) and President of the Cameroon Bar Assembly, known for his peace crusading moves Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle broadened the widows' minds on the relationship between peace and elections.

The Regional Coordinator of the TB/HIV programme in the Littoral doubling as the CEO of the highly reputed TESHO programme reminded participants that blocks of peace could be built by every citizen who has ample knowledge of his rights and responsibilities as a dutiful patriot. The Executive Secretary of Women Peace Initiatives & President of WILPF Cameroon Jacqueline Sylvie NDONGMO, reminded participants that the aim of such a noble course was to see how to tackle challenges such as violence against women, combat conflict and restore the priceless asset 'Peace', which she believes is in the hands of all.
The Assistant General Manager of TOPROC Finance Plc and a phenomenal African Woman nominee (PAW is an African women's organisation that celebrates women whose life, struggles and legacy inspire and empower for action & change) Erica TAH elevated the spirits of these women who thought that life had come to a standstill following the loss of husband and emotional trauma society subjects them to. Telling all tens of widows present 'Peace begins with a smile' as Mother Teresa prescribed, she insisted that the smile from within can change a whole life, so energetic and phenomenal women they are, they should not allow society to determine when they smile or not.
Alex Gustave AZEBAZE an engaged journalist and very active social activist, returning from the Kigali AU Summit in an appropriate manner, in accordance with the culture and other appropriate circumstances or customs of the local, regional or national communities saluted the peace building exercise and educated the widows on their rights in the newly adopted controversial penal code.

The twin sisters and reggae artist kefhal King staged electrifying performances calling on all to get ahead of the wave and build blocks of peace for development and true emergence. This to the tens of widows present, was a call to the continent's women to rise up to challenges such as misuse of social networks, drug abuse, Boko Haram and other extremist attacks and HIV/AIDS.
Interest groups at the meeting such as BENCO LOVE & MUSIC listed their interest for the activity and wished to be part of such a gathering at least twice per year.
The main organiser Amy BANDA thanked all the speakers and participants of the enriching exercise, invited the widows to take an oath to make peace a lifestyle with a show of the ‪#‎TARGETPEACE‬  leaflets, handed over the donations for the widows and promised to take their suggestions into consideration for further intellectual platforms meant for the empowerment of women.
‪#‎TARGETPEACE‬ Peace begins with a smile. https://www.facebook.com/Targetpeace-967314920024677/