Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Heaps of dirt litter the streets of Douala

It is unclear who is in charge of littering the streets with heaps of dirt or decorating the roads and major cross roads with refuse but citizens must be informed of the damage this causes our subways. 

The man in Akwa responsible of putting the road in good shape is littering the streets with dirt because the trash cans are full to brim upon his arrival to empty household refuse bin.

The Citizens living behind Espace Supermarket Akwa are not any different. Every other person complains in locked doors since authorities of the sanitation and hygiene company have chosen to maintain sealed lips on the issue.

As every poisoned meat is food for another, the young man is searching the public refuse bin metres away from the biggest retail market in Central Africa Mboppi Market to find plastic bottles which will be sold to recycling agents and business men producing fake products for refilling. 

There are hopes the Ancien Dalip tarred road will not suffer decay in the nearest future with the coming of this new public refuse site servicing citizens right in-front of a renown bakery and petit phone businesses for call box operators doing ll they can to be ready for a new school season. This has  provocatively been dragging too for pretty long but they seem not to care for their health.

I wonder who will supervise our streets from harbouring rubbish in strategic zones!

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