Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Call for Papers for Special Issue International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution

The International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution hereby calls for papers for a special issue with the theme “Bridging Theory and Practice of Creative Conflict Engagement”. The effort to bridge theory and practice within the field of conflict engagement is an ongoing endeavor that goes back to the founding moments of the field. Some practitioners, who have a prominent role in the professional development of the field, perceive theory as remote and unrelated to their everyday craft, and some academics perceive the practice of conflict engagement as unsystematic and too intuitive to capture theoretically. We believe that theory and systematic research can and should be a useful tool for conflict interventions, and experience in the field is and must be an essential component for building relevant theory. However, since the two worlds of theory and practice operate on two sets of different, and sometimes even contending emphases, this effort is more aspirational than actual. As Einstein aptly said, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.”

International Conference
Those authors whose papers have been accepted for publication will have the possibility to submit a proposal for a presentation (as a panel, poster session or workshop) at an international conference organized by The Program on Conflict Management, Resolution and Negotiation, Bar Ilan University Israel from 21-23 December 2014. The conference is based on a commitment to surface the challenges, seize the opportunities and in these ways contribute – both theoretically and practically –  to building the field of conflict engagement by bridging the gap between theory and practice. Bridging theory and practice means encouraging close dialogue between the field and academia. It also calls for effective adaptation of conflict resolution theory and studied application within professional practice.

We are currently applying for funds to support stipends for travel and local expenses at our conference and thus hope to provide support for conference presenters/authors  who wish to participate.

Submission Guidelines and Deadlines
Paper proposals which outline intended contribution (2-3 pages), are due March 1, 2014

These proposals should
  1. outline a main argument or hypothesis about the dilemmas and/or opportunities for merging theory and practice in conflict resolution,
  2. describe the research methods used (field based, action research oriented, empirical, review of previous studies, etc.),
  3. offer some practical recommendations for advancing theory and practice merger for the field.

Accepted paper proposals should be submitted for review and possible publication on July 1, 2014 (for publication by November 2014).

Proposals/inquiries should be sent to Nofit Amir, Managing Editor, at Intj.Cr@mail.biu.ac.il.More information can be found here

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