Monday, January 13, 2014

Job: NPR Global Health is hiring for 3 positions: a lead blogger/digital editor in Global Health & Development

For more information or to apply, please follow this link:
This full-time Blogger/Editor focuses on global health and development (GH&D) and is the lead host for NPR’s blog on this topic. S/he develops ideas and proposals for news and features, responds to and reports on breaking news; initiates and develops short-term feature stories and series, as well as in-depth enterprise reports; files blog posts; prepares multimedia presentations, and files audio news spots and audio two-ways as assigned.  

The successful candidate will be able to develop leads for investigative stories and reports, and may produce special investigative projects. S/he will also help plan and coordinate NPR’s GH&D blog coverage, including editing and CMS production of reports, audio and online materials submitted by staff and freelance correspondents, reporters and producers. This individual is responsible for the editorial integrity and quality of material posted, as well as providing feedback to supervisors on performance of staff.

Please note: This is a 2 year grant-funded position.
Essential Duties Include:
  • As both Correspondent and Senior Editor, develops ideas/proposals for reports and programs on all aspects of GH&D.
    • Conceives, proposes, plans, and researches ideas for highly original stories and program segments.
    • Develops news sources and keeps associated files.
    • Participates in departmental planning for coverage, with sophisticated ideas about this beat.
    • Explores, in graphic and creative ways, broad and important trends and themes within the beat.
  • As Correspondent, writes and produces original coverage of GH&D related topics for broadcast and for
    • Tracks ongoing flow of GH&D related news and recommends specific stories and supplemental coverage ideas to radio programs and GH&D blog.
    • May prepare audio stories for broadcast and/or online, using recorded audio interviews and other materials, often on short news deadlines.
    • Hosts live chats online and writes blog posts.
    • Creates Q & As, sidebars, timelines, analyses, profiles of newsmakers, and multimedia presentations.
    • Works in partnership with multimedia producers and digital production staff
  • Prepares and presents reports in newsworthy, original, compelling, entertaining and provocative ways.
    • Vocal performance for audio coverage holds attention and communicates information in a compelling way.
    • Uses the digital medium effectively and creatively to present information. Writing skills are exceptional.
  • In Senior Editor role, assigns and edits audio and web material to the highest standard of artistic and production quality.
    • Insures audio and web stories produced by staff and freelance correspondents and reporters are absolutely accurate and grammatically correct, performing copy editing, fact-checking and research, and CMS production as needed.
    • Edits stories so that there is a strong and seamless narrative flow.
    • Maintains highest-quality broadcast, text and multimedia standards.
    • Effectively coaches reporting and production staff.
    • Works with a minimum of supervision, even in complicated situations.
    • Anticipates and responds to most programming needs, breaking news and in-depth features.
  • Leads investigative reporting, including the generation of ideas and development of plans for such reporting for audio and online presentation.
  • Fulfills administrative obligations arising from assignments, such as filing prompt and accurate expense records and program information/summaries; maintaining contact with editors and appropriate producers; keeping editors and appropriate producers informed about assignments.

Required Skills:
  • At least 8 years’ experience as a reporter and/or editor covering GH&D feature and news stories.
  • Ability to break news and aggressively set a coverage agenda.
  • Special expertise in writing and editing content unique to NPR.
  • Experience blogging.
  • Demonstrated ability to produce and present compelling, creative and original stories.
  • Demonstrated dynamic and memorable digital and audio personality.
  • At least 12 years’ experience in a daily or weekly news organization.
  • Expertise in scientific research, medical research, public health, economic and business development, global governance and infrastructure issues, as well as climate, energy and agriculture that includes a thorough familiarity with developments and trends in these fields and with sources and institutions.
  • Familiarity with leading scientific and policy journals in this topic area.
  • Ability to analyze scientific and medical research and explain developments and trends.  
  • Thorough knowledge of news, feature and investigative reporting techniques.
  • Demonstrated excellence in reporting and writing for the web.
  • Expertise in news and feature editing.Ability to handle multiple and complex projects simultaneously under stringent timeframes and changing priorities/conditions.
  • Ability and willingness to work varied shifts.
  • Proven ability to consistently work well with others, demonstrating at all times respect for the diverse constituencies at NPR and within the public radio system.
  • Ability to relocate. In the future, NPR may choose to transfer employees to other geographic locations.  Severance provisions of the AFTRA collective bargaining agreement may apply should you choose not to accept a transfer.

Preferred Skills:

  • Expertise in all aspects of broadcast journalism – reporting, voicing, editing, and producing full radio pieces.
  • Expertise in photography and graphic reporting.
For more information or to apply, please follow this link:

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