Saturday, January 11, 2014

Conference at Georgetown: Managing Diversity in Divided Societies

The Conflict Resolution Program at Georgetown is putting on a conference later this month on January 30 and 31. Registration is filling fast and there is no cost to attend. Interested individuals should register for the conference soon.

In a globalized world with increased migration and mobility, diversity has become a central issue in society and government. Differences in race, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, and sexuality have both enriched societies and fueled tensions. In this light, conflict-affected communities encounter unique challenges to the implementation and realization of diversity.

However, they also offer valuable perspectives and practices that can serve as model for other societies. We have yet to determine under which conditions diversity can be best utilized for the well-being of society rather than constituting a dividing force. Approaches by government have varied significantly between a laissez-faire policy and formal intervention utilized to foster multiculturalism or assimilation. Civil society groups have similarly struggled to bridge divides while recognizing differences.

This conference seeks to address this puzzle by bringing together leading researchers, practitioners, and graduate students who are engaging with issues of diversity. We hope to evoke synthesis among varying perspectives to locate best practices and identity further gaps in research. 

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