Monday, January 11, 2016

Time for Anglophones to Occupy the Presidency for at Least 20years- Dr. Susungi

By Mbom Sixtus, January 08, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – Nfor N. Susungi, renowned economist turned politician, who is has publicised plans to run for President in the 2018 presidential elections has said that it is the turn of Anglophones to occupy Etoudi for at least 20years. The former SDF baron is also warning that Cameroon might split in halves if the Biya regime refuses to acknowledge the fact that Francophones have ruled for too long and give way for Anglophones to lead.
In an online interview with our reporter, the presidential hopeful says “It starts with the fact that reunification was a tontine and not a marriage. I have decided to use metaphors (tontine, otherwise known as njangi) which all Cameroonians can connect with. If you are in a union which is not backed by a legal agreement which was ratified and sent to the UN Secretariat in conformity with article 102 of the UN Charter, then it is a tontine.”
Susungi who said he did change the name of the country to Republic of Kameroon under the platform of UNIKAM, compares the current Republic of Cameroon to a tontine, which he says is a binding association between people not bound by any legal instrument.
“It is bound by the principle of rotation. The Francophones have chopped the tontine for 55 years. I have maintained that in 2004 Biya was supposed to hand over to an Anglophone to take their turn; but he did not” he said, adding that “he decided to hang on in violation of the rules of the tontine. Now is the time to hand over to an Anglophone. For how long? At least 20 years. It cannot remain with the Francophones because that will mean that the tontine has broken down. If that happens everyone knows what the consequences will be.”

Susungi pointed out that he has coined “powerful political metaphors” to enable Cameroonians understand the challenges facing them in the coming years.
He recalled reports of a French politician who came to Cameroon and declared an Anglophone can never be allowed to be president of the country. “He may have said this not knowing that we are in a tontine. He said that in order to prevent John Fru Ndi from aspiring to take over from Paul Biya in 1992. No problem. But things have now changed.” My generation has grown wise and that is why I am explaining things in very plain language today. If we fail to respect the rules of the tontine, then Cameroon should expect a very serious crisis which could lead to the breakup of the country;” he stressed.
To buttress his argument as to why an Anglophone must take over power following a principle of rotation, Susungi, opined: “In Nigeria the principle of rotation of power among the geopolitical zones is very important. In Cote d’Ivoire the arrival of Ouattara has enabled the North to take its turn in power. Even the UN understands that the position of SG must be rotated to different regions of the world.”
Quizzed on how an Anglophone could become president when the Biya regime apparently does not think in that direction, he said “that is Paul Biya’s problem. My job is to stake a claim and I have done it in very plain language. Don’t imagine that what I am saying here is not worrying them and their own succession plans. They know that I am not John Fru Ndi.”
As to what he meant by not being John Fru Ndi, he said “I am not just sitting and hoping for the best like Chairman.” Susungi disclosed that he has written to President Biya. “Biya knows I want his job. I am coming out and staking a claim to the job very clearly. Now what is he and his entourage going to do?” he asked rhetorically.
Susungi was firm that there is no other political party in Cameroon which explains its plans and its positions as clearly as his UNIKAM. The manifesto and priorities of the party which, Susungi outlined include the opening of a judicial investigation into the Lake Nyos disaster of 1986, the massacre of the Bamelikes and Bassas between 1955-1966 as well as the 1984 attempted coup d’etat. 
UNIKAM will also want to introduce a national stability pact which will, among other things, facilitate the equitable distribution of national appointments. Susungi equally plans to change the celebration of the national day from May 20 to October 1, expand parliamentary seats to 250 while limiting consecutive terms for MPs and senators. Presidential terms shall be reduced to four 4 years, allowing for 3 consecutive terms, but with an age limit for presidents.

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