Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Government Officials present New Year wishes to Mr BIYA


Photo for: Cameroonians and international community wish President Biya Happy New Year
The ceremony which took place at the Banquet Hall of the Unity Palace in Etoudi saw a cross section of personalities shaking hands and exchanging words briefly with Mr Biya.
Members of the Diplomatic Corps were first to present their best wishes for the new year to the Head of State.
It was a beautiful scene as the Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Representatives of International Organisations received a handshake from President Paul Biya.
On the heels of Members of the Diplomatic Corps, National Dignitaries included the Senate President, National Assembly Speaker, Prime Minister, Government Ministers, Secretary Generals, General Managers, top Military Authorities, Roving Ambassadors and other Government Officials.
As the officials receive a handshake and exchange a word or two with H.E. Paul Biya, photographers rushed in a bid to capture just every handshake in a souvenir picture.
The traditional ceremony presenting New Year wishes to the President at the Unity Palace paves the way to a similar ceremony at other state and international institutions.

President Biya Happy New Year

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