Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Douala meatmarket falls short of provision


Housewives in Douala have for 5 days suffered the discomfort of not having chow in their baskets. This ordeal results from an unjustifiable additional slaughter house tax fixed on each cow at the Bonaberi butchery. The Slaughterers in a silent sit in decry the baseless 2000 CFA Francs added to each cow at the abattoir. Before now,  a cow in 2013 was slaughtered for 5750 CFA Francs. The stockyard tax increased to 6300 CFA Francs in 2014. This additional 2000 CFA Francs added to the killing of cows at the Bonaberi Slaughter house has pushed the slayers to stage a protest demanding answers to their questions regarding the beefing up of the disbursement for cattle slaughter.
The para statal SODEPA responsible for this increase says the hike will help them step up hygiene conditions in the sector. The SDO for Wouri, Naseri paul BEA has suspended the tax causing families to go without meat. Promising to be at the slaughter house first thing Thursday Morning to ensure recalcitrant fellows are brought to book, Naseri Paul BIYA said he will do all to reassure the aborigenes.
Alaji SULE, the alledged Spokesperson for the Butchers has been relieved of his functions for not communicating with the authorities before taking decisions that could alter the peace of the cosmopolite given the context in which they live.
The Butchers after having a tete a tete discussion with the SDO in a strategic meeting at Douala 4 promise to begin work tomorrow Thursday January 7, 2016 as from 5am. The information obviously reassures city-dwellers of Douala who have been gnashing their teeth over the unchanged taxi fare following the 20 and 25 CFA Francs fuel price drop announced by the Head of State President Paul BIYA, and now had to deal with meat scarcity. 


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