Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Second Rate Literacy abbot makes safe the flush takeoff of term 2

05/01/2016The Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe has toured some secondary schools in Yaounde to ensure the effective start of the second term.

Photo for: Minister of Secondary Education ensures smooth start of Second term
He was accompanied by the Secretary of the in the Ministry of Secondary Education, Boniface Bayaola. Both officials were touring school institutions to measure the effectiveness of school resumption in the second term for the first time since their respective appointments.

The delegation visited some government and private secondary schools, technical colleges and the Government Teachers Training College in Nlongkak Yaounde. At each stop the Minister was satistified with the more than 90% turnout of students on the first day of the second term. Teachers and school administration were also effectively at work as classes began in earnest at 7:30 am in most schools.

Although some students arrived late and others shown signs of fatigue from the festive holiday,  the majority were active and ready for school.

At the different schools,  Minister Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe reminded the students to be hard working and desciplined especially during the second term which is short and very decissive.

The second term is pregnant with a lot of extra curricula activities like the FENASCO games and the National Youth day celebrations. One of the big national events in Febraury 2016 is the 50th Anniversary of the National Youth Day which is of national importance that requires the participation of students however, they should be disciplined and focused in other not to loose track of their educational ambitions, he reminded the students.

Similar inpection tours were organised nationwide by Regional and Divisional Delegates of Secondary Education to ensure a smooth start of the second term in Cameroon.

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