Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ghost Workers to be sanctioned?

The Ministry of Public Service has announced severe measures to be meted out on some civil servants and state agents who are non-existent or absent from their posts of responsibilities.

Officials at the Ministry say such people, referred to as “ghost workers” have till 15th January 2016 to show proof of engagement or be scrapped off from the state payroll.
In the months of August and November 2015, the names of 11.000 ghost workers were published. Since then, many of them are yet to come clear their case at the Ministry of Public Service.
As the Ministry plans severe sanctions on such defaulters, it is worth indicating that ghost workers have over the years, defrauded the state of millions.

Days after the official deadline for cleares cased, files of ghost workers are still circulating. 'Views, Voices and Visions' will in two weeks dig deeper into the matter live on LTM TV with Legal Practitioners, some of the workers termed 'defaulters' and Public Service Heads.

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