Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sense in Folly

Walking early Thursday morning across the Planet Hotel lane of Akwa heading towards the Akwa branch office of the lone electricity supply company, to pay my electricity bills, I ran into a street child who made sense in a long talk of folly.

'Le Journalisme c'est la conscience, l'ame, la passion du travail et surtout avoir son aura pour emettre la Lumiere sur les nuages endormi par les forces diabolique. Ne laissez pas dormir votre energie, puissance divine, creativite et savoir faire a cause de l'empoissonement psychologique faites express par une tiers pour vous aneanti. Reveillez vous Madame, vous etes notre reine mere et ecrivez, nous attendons beaucoup de votre sagesse....'

Quite deep words to awaken a mind that went into slumber due to the mind poisoning. How did it happen? Why did it happen? What actually happened? I wish I had answers to all those questions but all I can say is Man is indeed wicked. However, in man's desperate wickedness are hidden seeds of growth and restoration where rejuvenation and inspiration could come from. One could inspire self or derive inspiration from a child and where inspiration comes from doesn't really matter, provided the artist is in connection with the holy and divine forces.

 In the 5 line paragraph, I retained there is nothing we do on earth that goes unregistered. While we think we have done nothing, people we can hardly imagine, take note of our efforts, follow our career and even notice the distractions made by a few or many to push us off focus. Whatever the case may be, we should remember that we all have the power to choose. What do I mean? We all have stories, issues, solutions, challenges, successes and the threshold seems far-fetched at times. It takes humility and courage to admit that we went wrong at some point in time, so as to start afresh and conquer the inevitable.

Watching Florence Foresti's Party at Bercy in 2006 late Wednesday on the TMC, I discovered and convinced myself there is no smooth path to success without double edge swords bringing individuals to question ways of delivering. Yes the one man show woman had it hot many a times but she did not stay there, she was always ready to do it again and have it done perfect with her personality. And yes! She became influential and today she is a reference. Exactly my point; I failed at the level of planning with my VOV 100 concept but I will do it better in the next edition, provided I learn from the lessons.

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