Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Women refuse to cook as their men do a much better job in the kitchen

Half of women admit their man is a better cook than them (and 25% of children would prefer a meal cooked by dad)

  • Women refuse to cook as their men do a much better job in the kitchen
  • The man of the house is responsible for all of the cooking in their home
  • Children admit they prefer to sit down to a meal cooked by dad   
Traditionally considered a female domain, the fairer sex are now abandoning skillets and throwing down pans as their male partners don their aprons and slip on oven gloves.
Four in 10 women said their partner is better at rustling up a tasty dish than they are, according to a study of 2,000 Britons.

And almost half of women have refused to cook a meal altogether because their boyfriend or husband is better at it than they are.
This can cause some friction though, with 27 per cent saying the cooking often leads to rows between them and their partner.
Many women also admitted their husband or boyfriend is more likely to experiment with exotic ingredients and try more adventurous dishes.
The findings also revealed that more than a quarter of children to prefer a meal cooked by dad rather than one whipped up by mum.
A cheeky 70 per cent of women admitted to using their partner's skills to their advantage by using it as a bargaining tool to encourage them to do more of the cooking.

The survey found 37 per cent of women consider their other half to be a better cook than they are.
Another 38 per cent said that their husband or boyfriend is braver when it comes to using unusual or exotic ingredients.
It also emerged dads are winning over their children with more than a quarter of parents admitting their children would prefer to sit down to a meal cooked by dad than one mum whipped up.
A spokesperson for The Hundred-Foot Journey, which commissioned the survey, said: 'Stereotypically, the kitchen has been seen as an area of the home where women are most comfortable while men struggle to really find their feet.
'But times are changing and more men than ever before are doing their fair share, and in some cases, even taking complete control, over the family's meals.
'Not only that, but a lucky group of men seem to be so good, they have even got their partner admitting they struggle to match their skills in the kitchen.

 Cooking is no longer seen as a chore for many people, and thanks to the popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs, is something that can be enjoyable and even cool, especially when you have the time to try something a little bit different. 
While 36 per cent of women are happy for their partner to know they outclass them in the kitchen, almost one in twenty would hate for their other half to know they think they are better than them.
And another 29 per cent admitted that while their boyfriend or partner is aware of their status as chief cook, they would rather they didn't.
The study also found three quarters of men consider themselves to be a good cook, while another 62 think they are adventurous when it comes to creating tasty dishes.
And although the average man only takes charge of two of the family's evening meals each week, one in five Britons say it's the man of the house who is responsible for most or even all of the cooking in their home.
Nine in ten of those polled reckon men are generally becoming more comfortable in the kitchen, with 85 per cent believing the stereotype of women doing all the cooking is now a thing of the past.
More than one in ten women even went as far as to say the kitchen is completely their partner's domain, and they stay out of the way.
Fifty-three per cent of people put the rise in men cooking down to it being a trendier hobby than it once was, while 36 per cent believe celebrity TV shows have made it easier for men to pick it up.
Other reasons include having more time to indulge in the kitchen, celebrity chefs making it cool and having more opportunities to make more adventurous meals.
The spokesperson added: 'It's great that so many men are comfortable in the kitchen and are putting their cooking skills to the test.' 

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