Sunday, November 15, 2015

Will resistance resolve the terror hits across the globe?

Hours to the 2015 edition of the International Day of tolerance set aside to promote acceptance of differences in cultures, civilizations and peoples, November 13 Paris Attacks instill fear, panic and uncertainty as to what will happen next and who will be the next target.  Second to the January 7 Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack in 2015, 6 Attacks, 129 dead, 359 injurred, 99 critically, 7 terrorists hit as well, are figures that will remain engraved in the hearts of the French who move in unity and solidarity to resist terror. Islamic State claims responsibility and adds France remains top target.
Days ago Kerawa suffered terror attacks followed by Mora and Fotokol from the Boko Haram and the information almost went unnoticed. Does this mean some lives matter more? Why are some earth occupants this angry to the point of violently wasting human lives in cold blood? Have governing institutions sought to know why terror is gaining global ground despite all talks on peace, love, serenity and unity? What is the missing factor?

From the January 7 Charlie Hebdo Attacks to the persistent terror threats in Iraq, Syria, Belgium, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon to name but these, to hate crimes and discrimination against minorities becoming more and more popular, to the trend of violence violating virtue and value across the globe, to the lack of dialogue between Muslims and Christians.... focus on how different forms of injustice, oppression, racism and unfair discrimination affect humanism is relevant to boot out vicious and self centered decisions promoting violence and terror, all acts of intolerance in our society.

Days to the 'CODE 21' World Climate Conference bringing together over 200 countries to reflect on climatic variations and climate change, there are fears that France may have a lot to handle in terms of security. Manuel VALLS however in one of his public declarations affirm France is at war. 3 days of mourning have however being declared bringing the French people in France and abroad closer in grief, fear, resistance and hope that such horrible forms of violence will not not see daylight.

Confronted to these heartless hits against humanity at the dawn of November 16 (International Day of Tolerance), I ask myself these questions: When and How will cultures, civilizations and peoples learn to accept the difference in life and existence without compromising the rule of law and basic societal values?

Attempting the above rhetoric question calling on all to address the causes and not the symptoms of the disease, I target peace
because respect, love, dialogue and cooperation and inevitable tolerance friendly factors earth occupants must cultivate, nurture and keep to promote healthy relationships.

Peace is key to tomorrow's tranquility

What is your message of peace to the globe hit by recurrent terror attacks?
Mine promotes the culture of tolerance because accepting our differences in culture and civilizations paves a peace path, which is fundamental to growth.

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  1. As you always ask us to act peace, tolerance and acceptance is the only way out. If we understand we all are different and must live as one people, we will be targeting peace Amy.