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Job, Director of Communications, Global Green Growth Institute, South Korea

Head of Communications

Organization: Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
Post Date: 17 November 2015
Location: Seoul HQ
Assignment: Fulltime
Grade: C3
Position Number: GGGI-HR_15-405
Closing Date: 08 December 2015
The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a new international organization committed to strong, inclusive green growth. We assist developing and emerging countries with integrating their ambitions for strong economic performance and environmental sustainability with the goal of bringing about poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Headquartered in Seoul, GGGI was established by treaty in June 2012 at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference by an initial group of eighteen nations who share the organization's vision. To date, there are a total of 24 Member Countries who joined the organization.
GGGI has a diverse portfolio of programs in developing countries around the world. These in-country programs, together with global products and services, focus on delivering results through an integrated approach of evidence-based green growth planning and implementation aligned to countries' development priorities. The organization also focuses on knowledge development and management activities which build a strong theoretical and empirical basis for green growth, while providing concrete options and guidance for policymakers; as well as building the conditions for public and private green infrastructure investments.
The Head of Communications will lead the development and implementation of a communications strategy - aligned with the objectives of the overarching GGGI Strategic Plan 2015-2020 - to deliver tangible results in:
  • Driving high-profile engagement and inspiring communications vis-à-vis the delivery of GGGI's country strategy (Country Planning Framework), knowledge products (Integrated Knowledge Management strategy under development), and thematic service offerings (four thematic strategies under development), and resource mobilization efforts (Partnership and Resource Mobilization strategy/Outreach Strategy);
  • Enhancing partnerships with key internal (country- and headquarters-based programs) and external constituencies (GGGI Members, donors, and partners) to enhance GGGI's global relevance and financial sustainability;
  • Providing strategic communications support to GGGI's knowledge sharing, capacity building, and south-south cooperation initiatives; and
  • Stimulating effective internal communications to better deliver as a knowledge organization
  1. Developing, Updating and Implementing Communications Strategy
  • Developing and updating an organization-wide communications strategy and plan, helping to strengthen GGGI's capacity to communicate GGGI's achievements and thought leadership to the public at large and to donors, governments, and influential audiences;
  • Converting knowledge products (developed, managed, and shared by KSD) into key insights and compelling narratives that build recognition and understanding of GGGI's impact among: (i) GGGI's current and potential donors to mobilize corporate resources; (ii) developing country partners of the value of GGGI's contributions to their green growth strategies and implementation activities; and (iii) existing and new international and regional partnerships of the value of cooperation with GGGI; and
  • Translating GGGI's thematic service offerings into effective communications materials that strengthen GGGI's value proposition with external stakeholders
  1. Leveraging GGGI's leadership through the media
  • Maintaining strong networks with top editors and environmental reporters at leading international and domestic media outlets to leverage media opportunities with media outlets to deliver high-level media results for GGGI
  • Utilizing the high profile nature of GGGI's leadership to pitch interviews with leading media outlets, including major international print, television and online media outlets
  • Developing and placing articles by GGGI's leadership in a wide variety of relevant newspapers and outlets to promote the organization's vision, mission and country programs to a wider audience
  • Utilizing high-level events (i.e. Global Green Growth Summit 2016, World Economic Forum, COP conferences) engaging GGGI's leadership to expose the organization to the media
  • Organizing and coordinating press conferences, briefing sessions and media briefings for journalists prior to major conferences organized by GGGI
  • Managing the overall PR and media outreach activities of major international conferences, events and summits organized by GGGI
  1. Managing the development and implementation of media/outreach/branding projects and campaigns
  • Building and sustaining a global brand image of GGGI;
  • Contributing GGGI marketing and outreach campaigns and the management, and deployment of Goodwill Ambassadors, and high-profile supporters;
  • Ensuring media relations and media outreach are of high-quality and are focused on priority media markets and outlets;
  • Overseeing cross-team collaboration on major advocacy and outreach campaigns in key policy and thematic areas such as public speeches, conferences, workshops, roundtables, panel discussions, and joint events with strategic partners;
  • Overseeing quality control of all corporate communications materials produced in HQ, regional hubs and country offices, including consistent use of GGGI marking, branding, and formatted document templates;
  • Marketing initiatives with a special focus on coordinating support for Resource Mobilization and donor-related communications products and support;
  • Initiating, developing, coordinating, and distributing print and electronic communication materials, online resources, videos (including "Stories of Change"), program fact sheets and related promotional materials, newsletters, announcements, press releases, and other materials; and
  • Advising senior management on media relations and handle media inquiries.
  1. Supporting external and internal communications and outreach vehicles
  • Ensuring all corporate communications and outreach products are of high professional quality, well-written, visually compelling, and, as appropriate, reach as broad an audience as possible;
  • Promoting innovative approaches to enhance the impact and effectiveness of communications and outreach activities;
  • Overseeing design (based on corporate requirements), maintenance, and regularly updates to the external GGGI website;
  • Optimizing content for online use and create graphics for visually appealing web pages and other outreach activities (such as use of infographics);
  • Collaborating to develop new, high-quality written and visual content from colleagues in HQ and country offices, and reviewing, polishing, editing, formatting, and posting/dissemination via the GGGI external website, through social media, and various other communications and outreach platforms;
  • Advising on usability and innovation in communications and outreach tools for other GGGI units to improve information sharing and peer-to-peer learning;
  • Packaging content - in coordination with relevant programmatic workstreams - for publication, including opinion pieces, research reports, blogs, and key documents; and
  • Designing and maintaining an outreach list to remain in contact with key audiences.
  • Master's degree or equivalent in communications, journalism, international relations, or a related field;
  • Minimum of ten (10) years progressively responsible professional work experience in strategic communications, journalism, public administration, or related field with at least five years of management experience;
  • A track record in managing the production of thought leadership material, analytical material, and organizational marketing materials;
  • Proven experience in advising senior management on strategic communications and in initiating and driving global campaigns that build momentum and shape perceptions through traditional and digital media;
  • Self-starter who takes initiative and is able to work independently;
  • Experience in the international development or related sector and demonstrated affinity for developing countries is desirable; knowledge of or expertise in green growth-related issues is an asset;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, and demonstrated ability to influence and lead for results with the attitude of a team player;
  • Strong networking ability and an entrepreneurial flair; and
  • Exceptional language skills in both its spoken and written form is of paramount importance; native fluency in spoken and written English is required, and knowledge of other relevant languages, particularly those spoken in the member countries of the GGGI, is an asset.
Please submit CV and Cover Letter in English (Merged into one PDF file)
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