Sunday, November 8, 2015

Think it, Work for it & Achieve it!

It is true every genius was once a failure but you know what? A big failure, because of determination, started Motorola company. Do I need to overemphasize on Facebook, created by a school drop out willing to make a difference? People fear mistakes but they fail to understand that he who doesn't errs does nothing at all. That is why when you tell me Amy BANDA has not done this on TV, I ask you what have you done to correct the mistake? Do not fear mistakes! You will know failure! Do not fear it! Continue to reach out! To expect life to be perfectly tailored to your specification is to live a life of continual continual frustration. Notice the difference between what happens when a man says to himself, 'I failed three times', and what happens when he says, 'I am a failure'.

Failure is not a person! You cannot be a failure until you agree.
Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can't accept your imperfection, that is their fault.
The call is higher than the fall.

He did not fall as per say but I like the statement 'My mum was a nanny and my dad was a taxi cab driver but I am a diplomat' in the course of our discussion.This revelation on November 4, 7 years after the famous victory ' YES WE CAN' speech by first black president Barack Hussein OBAMA tells mankind that our mind is our start and endpoint. Alicia Keys like Nigerian born ASA will tell you, if you allow detractors to tell you 'YOU WON'T', 'YOU CAN'T', 'YOU SHOULDN'T', then you are setting your mind for destruction but if you believe in your dream, conceive and achieve it, you break the barriers and build the bridges.

As you watch this video, be mindful of the fact that its never too late to take a step in the right direction. Its never too late to become the person you are capable of being. Things can change in any age. You have the opportunity to write yourself a future full of peace and free of regrets. I just launched the 'TARGET PEACE' online campaign preaching, promoting and preserving peace for conflict/war prevention. Will you join me and the Deputy Chief in Mission at the US Embassy to Cameroon to shun violence off our surface?

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