Monday, November 30, 2015

150 Leaders decide Nature's Future at Paris' UN Climate Change Conference

The future of tyhe climate reposes on the leadership and engagement of these 150 heads of states attending the UN climate change conference COP 21 - CMP 11. With one voice, one objective and one vision, these leaders meet in Paris to deliberate Climate Change stakes and challenges. Deliberations on the 13 day life changing summit will make decisive points on gas emissions each Country must emit per annum.
Any 2° temperature increase will have huge impacts on the globe, should immediate action be ignored.
Durable and Sustainable decisions that benefit world citizens are imperative goals these leaders must meet by December 11, yo save the planet from the worst.

French President Francois Hollande in his open address called on the close to 200 heads of states to be hopeful because terror and climate change are crucial quandaries this age must address. This will conteract the high sea levels, floods, natural disasters to name these, claiming lives and causing huge material damage.COP 21 - CMP 11 in the name of Justice and  Peace attempts the climate threat plunging many to conflict, suffering, poverty, thus terror and war robbing the peaceful earth of its priceless assets.
The heads of states are bound to make an agreement that will guarantee adaptation and ambition in solidarity and peace towards reduction targets by 2020.

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