Thursday, September 24, 2015

This  five level storey building collapsed early Thursday Morning in the Nkomondo neighbourhood of Douala.
The worried and curious crowd woke up to the terrifying scenes that kept onlookers on the edge for latest information on surviving cases. Talking to some Nkomondo indwellers, they hold that the construction of houses with cheap and inappropriate material could take the blame.

The timely arrival of the police force, gendarmerie officials and elements of the National fire fighting brigade beefed up individual efforts by a few courageous Nkomondo inhabitants in an attempt to save house occupants under the crushed building. This unfortunate collapse takes us back to 2013 with a similar incident that claimed the life of a pregnant woman crushed by an incomplete building that shared borders with the former Douala 1 Delegation for women's empowerment and the family. Facts and figures on severe cases or deaths (if any) will be communicated as soon as the investigating team releases a report.

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