Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace among all nations and peoples within and without a nation, the Peace conference focused on the importance of different parts of society working together to strive for peace. Officially established by resolution 36/67 in 1981, coinciding with the United Nation General Assembly's opening session which was held annually on the third Tuesday of September, The first International Peace Day was officially celebrated in September 1982.
After marking 2014 WPD under the theme 'The Right of Peoples to Peace' with a wide range of activities from Peace walks to concerts as well as art showcases, community outreach and peace education programs, the 2015 WPD in Cameroon educated students, parents, pupils, refugees, the destitute and the prisoners on notions of peace. Recognizing and celebrating different kinds of peace under the theme 'PARTNERSHIPS FOR PEACE - DIGNITY FOR ALL', the speakers like the conference participants robbed minds on the essence of understanding, vigilance, love and tolerance in the home, community, country and continent.
Ranging from what is peace, whether the absence of war is peace, the reality of peace in conflict zones, whether the culture of peace can be cultivated in refugee camps, why there's conflict and war amidst peaceful people and why peaceful patriots must be mindful of peace threats to counter acts of terrorism, all parties left satisfied with the knowledge acquired from the conference in Muea.

The Target Peace online campaign in partnership with Peace Revolution called on the crowd to be engaged  and become active peace agents of the society. Sending peace selfies to loved ones on social media, Pupils like students, parents, pastors, educationists, lecturers, traditional chiefs and Leaders retained at the end of the come together that "Partnership for peace,dignity for all" calls for evident preaching and practice of peace.
In this light, bringing women like men to the core of happenings in every community and acknowledging their contributions to the society's growth, is an important step to achieving lasting peace for sustainable development.

Wilpf Cameroon, in partnership with Feplem Moral marked WPD at the GADO refugee camp of the East region via a show of solidarity.
Sharing healthy peace messages, the refugees were educated on the virtues of peace in an intellectual and enriching exchange platform. This left them promising to preach & practice peace, solidarity, support, love, trust, the spirit of sharing, the building of self confidence, all which encourages the practice of non violence.


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