Saturday, September 19, 2015

Effective Democracy is a Path to Peace

The weekly intellectual program 'Views Voices and Visions' brought security issues to the spotlight enabling peace crusaders from far and near to act for peace.
Deliberations made by Panelists (Sylvie Jacqueline NDONGMO - President of WILPF Cameroon/Executive Secretary of Women Peace Initiatives  and Raymond NJUME NJIKANG - President of the 'I LOVE CAMEROON' foundation) and Viewers via phone calls and messages illustrated that there is no development without democracy and peace. Evaluating the evolution of democracy and assessing the practice of African democracy, both speakers identified injustice, greed, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, gender inequalities, patriarchy, inadequate access to freedom of speech, the respect of basic human rights,  the non respect of human values to name but these, as core factors of flawed governing bodies. Speaking further, some viewers joined the panelists to identify the infiltration of western ideas as key elements fueling conflicts in Africa.
When asked to know what long lasting solutions can be adopted to the African democracy oriented problem, the President of WILPF Cameroon responded that the root causes of conflict must be addressed, including human security concerns such as poverty, lack of education, inadequate health care, pollution.  Evidently, these are not solved by the acquisition and use of weapons. Thus, there's the need to reconsider political, economic priorities and focus on human security by disarming and redirecting resources towards socio economic development.
Raymond NJUME a passionate peace patriot of Cameroon origin emphasized on the essence of respecting human values. Respecting Human values to the brain of the 'I LOVE CAMEROON' Foundation is understanding people, listening to people, taking into account their contributions and views (for every individual is unique), nurturing peace values and ensuring everyone has her/his own fair share of the national cake.
 Acknowledging that war is the problem and not the refugees, Raymond joined Jacqueline to affirm that the illicit transport of arms can be a solid background to conflict.
The guests concluded with a call to government to accelerate the drafting and implementation of the national action plan of the SC Resolution 1325 (a serious alternative that enables women to be fully involved in the resolution of crisis, conflict prevention as well as peace initiatives) and ratify Arms Trade Treaty. This will fight against the proliferation and illicit circulation of weapons that fuel conflicts in the Country, thus improve democracy.
As a sign of synergy, they joined hands to reinforce the TARGET PEACE campaign preaching, promoting and preserving peace to prevent violence, conflict and war. 
This will be followed by the official launch of the 'WOMEN SPEAK OUT FOR PEACE' campaign on Monday September 21,2015. WILPF Cameroon will on Monday visit the GADO refugee camp in the East region of Cameroon to show solidarity to the refugees, educate them on non violence, promoting social cohesion and take stock of their needs, Peace Revolution will on the same day organise a conference in Buea, South West Region encouraging inter-faith dialogue.
Proving efficient democracy is a path to peace, the Peace agents are partnering with one another as the 2015 theme (PARTNERSHIPS FOR PEACE - DIGNITY FOR ALL) demands to ensure dignity for all.

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