Sunday, September 20, 2015


Creating peace rocks,
having peace day parades,
 sharing ideas on peace,
making peace a target,
singing peace songs, making big and small peace doves to carry the message far, like every September 21 each year, projects that promote peace among people and the natural world will be brought to the spotlight. Persons across the globe in symbolic occasions will be strong so as to not allow anyone steal their inner peace of mind, as Christian D. LARSON puts it.
While some will struggle to understand what peace is in round table conferences, the LTM TV 6PM English News will accord much importance on the asset and the theme of the day's commemoration. In Buea precisely in Muea, Peace Revolution will in partnership with the brain behind the TARGET PEACE online campaign cultivate the peace culture in the mindset of close to 500 participants in a peace conference encouraging inter faith dialogue as from 2pm at the King David's Square Hotel. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Women Peace Initiatives to name these, will in the GADO refugee camp in the East region today hold talks with the refugees on the priceless nature of peace and why peace must be treasured, no matter the circumstance.

Highlighting the importance of cooperation in silencing guns and advancing the peace cause as well as the symbolic “flying” of Giant Peace Dove Puppets, Peace crusaders all over the world will show their dedication to creating a better, more peaceful future for generations to come.

 Have your say on what peace is and why we should target peace in our homes, communities, countries and Continents. Do not forget to TARGET PEACE with a pose like this

as you commemorate WPD.

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