Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tessa BAKS calls on African Women to believe in themselves for they have all it takes within to make the difference.

Who is Tessa BAKS?

Tessa baks is a Cameroonian television personality, producer, businesswoman, actress, author, former model and tourism promoter. Born in Cameroon, she began her career in her early twenties with the 'Get Busy' team moderated by Mireille TEGHA on Spectrum Television. 

In the early 2000s, Baks created and began presenting the long-running tourism and culture oriented production 'Afrikultures' which she executive produced and presented for the first twenty-two seasons for broadcast on the state run media, the CRTV. Tessa Baks is the co-creator of a Beauty Pageant bringing women considered to be too fat to the limelight and celebrating the art and talent in them.  Afrikultures which airs on The CRTV for many years now has won many awards for Tessa BAK's   Outstanding Talk Show Informative pieces. She co-hosted the IMA 'Inspiring Moments with Amy' silver edition on coaching in Douala wherein she brought out the best of her panelists in terms of coaching and will most likely will replace none but her original personality and  she has taken time to build for growth.

What fuels Tessa BAKS?

 I am fueled by the notion that if  I have been given another day by God, its clear I must make good use of it. Africa has been my inspiration, my strength, and its the best motivation every true African has. When you feel low, think of life and its beauty, forget all negative ideas, think of love, send love and love will be your motto.

I love my life and I am grateful to GOD for it.

I am also fueled by the void created in my continent and I am determined through my work to make things great for my people, nation and continent. 

What is your greatest influence? 

My influence comes from the success of other nations. I  know Africa can make it. I just learn to copy from the best.

Where do see yourself in five years?

 I see myself heading a communication agency employing my fellow brothers and guiding them. 
I also see myself being an inspiring model and heading projects for a better Africa.
Who are your top three models?

- Denis EPOTE:  Her voice was different but special, her looks were very professional and she was always beautiful and appealing to every sight;

- Aretha Louis Mbango: Her cultural program 'accords majuscule' on Crtv Littoral inspired and guided me to become;

- Oprah Winfrey: She showed me media could be done on a private basis without the help of a second party. 

What is the African Woman's challenge?

 The challenge of the African woman is the lack of self belief. She has to believe in herself, be conscious of her potential and capacities because the real problem is not from the environment.  The African woman has to demonstrate her abilities. Most of the dynamic African women don't want to make efforts, so they stay like dolls back home.

What do you do to relax yourself?

I unwind the tension when I get into a venture of discovering new spaces, reading and watching television.

I am also inspired by the talks of Bob proctor from the Gallagher foundation, putting aside all the negative ideas, and calling on all to stay positive and believe in God.

Do you have plans for the African Union? 

The African union needs to work more closely on promoting a positive Africa. This will be a great step to end multiple useless deaths at sea.

What is your advice to the African woman reading your profile?

African women believe in yourselves, take the bold step, for fear is the obstacle and it comes from us. No one can stop you from making it, except you. Only you have got the power and when you fail, blame no one else but yourself.

Most of all, learn to accept auto criticism and move forward.

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  1. Big up. No mater how difficult it can be, just trust in what you do. Proud of you.