Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Who is Israel Davis?

Israel Davis is a minister of GOD, the Voice of GOD, a teacher of the glorious gospel of GOD, a song writer, a singer and writer of gospel songs and books. Head Pastor of Kirk Cite of Christ Ministry born on February 19, 1975 , Israel Davis is a mother of two with a business administration Masters. I have worked as an entrepreneur for a decade before entering into full ministry in June 2016. I am a strong woman , who is not afraid of opposition and challenges.

What fuels Israel Davis?

What energizes me is the word of GOD; My sons and the African Continent.
It does not matter what life throws at me, the very thoughts of words empowers me with indescribable strength and optimism.

The leaving behind of a great legacy for my sons, equips me every day to study and practice more and more, persevere unto manifestation. My Continent's negative stigma which is clouding her positive and good will sparks a great anger in me positively, that I can make a mark of change and transformation.

What is your greatest influence?

Jesus Christ is my greatest influence. This which I say is true and is no lie. My study of HIM has taught me so much about life and love, which has given me knowledge and wisdom, that it does not matter where you proceed from, purpose and profession can be worked at, to achieve excellence and effectiveness.

Who are your top three models?

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome (Head Pastor of Love World Ministry), Michael Jackson (greatest and popular pop star) and Jim Caviezel (Actor who played the role of Jesus in 'Passions of Christ'). Though I have a remnant of people whose words and acts influence me, these are my top three landmarks towards the fulfillment of my mandate. They are phenomenal and breath taking due to the roles they have played and are playing positively for the manifestation of their mandates. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome is my spiritual guide in ministry and message.

Michael Jackson, which may sound funny to many , is my optimal . He was able to break all the barriers through his music, in every nation under Heaven. I can do same with my music career as well. For if circular music can break through like that, GOD's music has more power and ability .

Jim Caviezel the lead actor of 'Passions of Christ' made his role so real, that even Hollywood got scared to call for new roles. They saw him as the act. His role continues to change many lives, thus making many to give their lives to Jesus Christ. And though he is not getting any more roles in Hollywood, Jim Caviezel has never regretted playing the role of Jesus Christ.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I desire to see the lives and mentalities of many youth, from the ages of ten to fifty years transformed positively through the incorruptible Word  of GOD, especially them of the household of GOD.

To behold the message of GOD, prevailing over the heaven of the Pharisees, being served to the multitude of GOD's heritage.

My music being played and sung in all Churches and nations under Heaven. The songs and messages of GOD , building and guiding them in true fellowship with Christ in GOD.

To be an effective minister whose words and works renews and builds.

Having my sons, daughters and promoters all over the continent to help me build GOD's heritage and habitations.

What are the Challenges of the African Woman?

Money, academic education, early marriages and male dominion are not the challenges of the African woman. It is just the lack of their own identities. This is the hallmark of our plight. The African Woman finds much difficulty to teach the African Girl self discovery and identity, which are the greatest failure.

 When one discovers her worth and identity, she can never allow herself to be suppressed.

Academical education qualifies and maintain our identities and our worth; It is not our identity . And failure to act this truth , will forever keep us in prosperity.

What do you do to relax yourself?

To relax myself, I just lay down quietly, switch off everything that makes sound or has the ability to make sound. After which, I close my eyes  and cloth myself with the beautiful imagination of GOD's presence.

What is your ICE vision?
My ICE vision is to gather together the saints of GOD and bring them home into the true knowledge of GOD .

Make them see the light and victory thereof, to rejoice therein, and be empowered thereby. The Word of GOD, being the Centre Force, of the Church, because in HIM is all things: By HIM is all things made and for HIM as they made.

What are your plans for the AU?
Yes, if opportunity is given to make evident my plans, why not?
My desire to see AU come to a common ground, whereby respect is shared among all.

Hypocrisy, Greed, Selfishness, Weakness and mediocre taken way from their midst and establish the true sense of dignity, self will, advisability, and integrity, through the incorruptible Word of GOD.

Establish the Word of GOD in the building of our Continent.

Any advice for the women?

They should acknowledge themselves through , in and by the knowledge of GOD first.
Pull the real womanhood from inside them, subject themselves to shamefacedness and sobriety.  There, Build first through discovery of identity. Because if a woman lacks self discovery, she lives a bitter life, hence spreading the bitterness to her family.  She then lacks the self will to help build, therefore she accepts anything that comes to her. And because we are incubators of life, self discovery and  identity is very important. Otherwise, we should blame ourselves for the conditions we find ourselves in this Continent.

Come out from your shells women, because we are the worth and wealth of our Continent's honour and glory in Jesus' Mighty name.

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