Monday, June 12, 2017

Regina HUBER invites the African woman to stand out with her unique distinctiveness

Regina Huber
Founder and CEO of Transform Your Performance

Who is Regina Huber?
I am an eclectic “Enfant de la Terre” with a passion for Dance, Diversity and Co-Creation.
Professionally speaking, I am a Transformational Leadership Coach for Business Women, Power Shifter and Career Accelerator, Diversity & Co-Creation Advocate, Speaker with a Passion for Dance, and Author of Speak up, Stand out and Shine – Speak Powerfully in Any Situation, as seen on The Huffington Post. More details about me here:

What fuels Regina HUBER?
The beauty of Diversity in all: humans, Nature, culture, talents, music, dance… The brilliance in people. My idealistic vision of more freedom, abundance and co-creation. Dancing. Movement. Travel. Experiencing different cultures.

What is your greatest influence?
This is a tough question to answer. I believe it’s a combination of the urge of my soul being to keep moving forward, my life purpose, the world that surrounds me, the people I interact with, the collective unconscious, and my subconscious programming.

Who are your top 3 role models?
This is always the hardest question. I don’t have any specific role models although I admire a lot of people. My aspiration is to model the best in the people I meet and I admire leaders who pursue more peace, freedom and equality without use of violence or threat.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
My ideal vision is for me to be inspiring women around the globe, and specifically in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America to step into their power and into their full potential so we can achieve greater balance in leadership; and to inspire both women and men to partner up in this mission so we can all come together and co-create an abundance of wealth, freedom and peace for all. How will I do this? Frankly, I’m still working on that part. For now, it is an ideal vision which serves as my GPS. Any mile I can move forward on this path towards the destination of my GPS, is valuable, and I know that my progress will greatly depend on the people I encounter on my way and whether they are willing to support me in this endeavor.
In the next few years, I am also driving my business forward in the United States to teach more workshops and reach more women with my message through my teaching and coaching. In 5 years’ time, I see myself with an effective team that allows me to fully focus on what I love doing most in my business: supporting my clients and inspiring women.

What is the African woman’s challenge?
I will not pretend to speak for African women (although I’m sure I was one in one or more past or parallel lives), so I’ll leave this question to the contemporary African women who are the current experts.
The challenge of most women on this planet is that we have been made believe that we depend on others to empower us. The truth is: We are already powerful. We all must learn to connect to the power that’s already inside of us, our inner power so we can feel it at any given moment. Yes, we need external resources (just like men), such as: respect, freedom, access to education and decent jobs, financial and digital inclusion and more. These all support our empowerment, but ultimately, we can only truly empower ourselves.

What do you do to relax?
I dance, preferably to African, Latin and Caribbean music.
I love music, and if I had more time, I’d love to play the drums again (djembe and congas, which I started playing in the past but now forgot all about). The sound of the drums grounds me; it connects me to the heartbeat of the Earth.

I walk a lot. Walking is like meditation to me. I also listen to guided meditations, e.g. chakra meditations.
When I am stressed out, my breath becomes shallow. Going back to deep breathing helps tranquillize a stressed mind.
Looking out over the ocean relaxes me, especially when combined with the soothing sound of waves washing up the beach, but this has become a luxury since I moved away from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Taking a moment to be grateful for the simple luxuries, like a comfortable bed, beautiful flowers or a warm summer night can have a calming effect.
Singing would bring me relaxing joy as well if I didn’t have to worry about the neighbors. 😊
The list goes on… depending on the day and options available. But dancing is my favorite tranquillizer.

What is your ICE vision?
These three concepts can only exist together. I can’t see any way they could function on their own.
My ICE vision is to keep my levels of all three high at all times or as much as I am able to, through the people I surround myself with, the books I read, the activities I pursue, the thoughts I think… The latter is often a challenge. My vision includes a state of mind, where I can be the master of my thoughts and therefore of my emotions. In a way, this is the basis for continued inspiration, self-empowerment and therefore celebration.

Do you have any plans for the African Union?
As a German-born who lived and worked in Spain (also worked a lot in Portugal), Argentina, Brazil and the US, Africa is HUGE on my list. It’s a big part of my vision, and I am currently exploring ways to support the African Union, with first speaking and teaching engagements in Ghana and South Africa this summer. Super thrilled about it!

What is your advice to the woman of this age?
Always remember how powerful you really are. When you dare stand in your power, listen to your heart and to your intuition, and do the work to discover and follow your true calling, that’s when you can make the most meaningful contribution for your community and for the world. That’s also when you feel the most fulfilled.

While it is key to set our GPS so we know in which direction we’re moving, it is also important to remember that it is about the path, not about the destination. It is not only our right but our responsibility to enjoy every single moment of it.

Yes, education is important. But education is only potential power. A self-empowering mindset is critical for success, and when you add your “heart-set” and your emotional intelligence to it, things start flowing.

Sending love to all who took the time to read this, Regina invites you to transform your performance with a visit to her life transforming website

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