Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Erise Mary : The African woman must be creative, dream big and Believe, lf even when no one believes in you

1.  Who is Erise Mary?

Erise Mary is an ordained prophet and apostolic trainer who received her ordination at ATMI St. Louis Ministries Oklahoma USA.  She is a person called by God to train and promote healthy leaders to construct a God fearing society.  Originating from the North West region of Cameroon and founder of Real Worship and Gospel Center International and the Erise Mary Foundation in Cameroon.  She  also undergoing a Masters program at Oral Roberts theology university USA.  Lastly she is a wordsmith.

2.What drives Erise Mary?

The individual in the society encounters alot of obstacles and
difficulties due to the lack of knowledge of their identity in Christ.
Christians move from church to church in search of solution to the
extent of incorporating religious practices which has  nothing to do
with the word of God and this is done till they reach a state of
weariness.  Single mothers and widows which has been the principle
target of the Erise Mary Foundation due to the difficulties they
encounter to rebuild their lives, these difficulties are also due to
the deficit of acknowledgement that they are all son of God.  So her
driving force is actually the mission God gave her which is to teach
people on their true nature for a properous nation.

3. Who is or are your role models?

i) Michelle Obama for her eloquence, elegance, and consecration to
young ladies in the build of their self esteem.

ii)Chantal Biya for her philantorpic character and love for her nation

iii) Pamella Dion she is my spiritual mother an excellent coach in
love, a book writer and excellent speaker.

iv)Cyndy Trim she a charismatic speaker and inspirational book writer.

4. Why organise a conference on "Christ in you"?

Observing the scripture 1John4:4 this scripture has lost its sense
amongst christians.  Therefore this conference aims at bringing the
individual to the awarness of the indwelling of Christ in us and
reestablishing the union between God and his church and not the church
with the pastors.

5.  Do you have the impression that Christ has deserted the holy
quarters or Christians are not aware of their Godly embodiment?

First thing you have to understand is Grace has been given abundantly
and permanently, but christians have been running after other things
and have reduced themselves to slaves so yes I believe the christian
is not aware of their Godly embodiment.

6. How will the 'Christ in you' conference adjust the spirituality of Christians?
by giving them the true revelation of who Christ is and who they are
in Christ?  This will change their mindset to understand there is
nothing abstract to them which they need to look for because when God
said everything is finished and nailed on the cross then it means its

5) How will these issues be sorted out?.  come and be a part of the conference and you will discover the
different dimensions of the program but in a nut shell it will be an intensive praise and worship, Erise Mary as well as her partner will pick on all the  question and answer session .

9. What are the challenges of the African woman?

The African woman suffers from certain confrontations but if she dares to stand against such oppositions, she will a fulfilled life envied by all. Some of these problems are:

to build high self esteem
- fight inequality and fight for a social status

10. What is the one thing you hate in a girl child you will adjust you are given the chance?

Wrong facial expression women should always smile despite the situation for tear last only for a night but joy cometh in the morning.  When the devil wants to give you a reason to be sad then
give him a million reasons to be happy.

11.Should you be named the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the family today, what will your vision be and how will you go about it?

I will be organizing seminars of self esteem, hygiene, personal development and values.

12.What is your ICE vision?

In a few years to come the Erise Mary foundation will be a global village for refuge raising healthy leaders which will impact the society in preaching, entrepreneurship and charity.

13. How do you unwind tension?

At the individual level take a deep breath and smile and the interpersonal level install Agape which is the God kind of love.

14.What is your greatest influence?

Jesus Christ for he was humble to the extent of washing the feet of his disciples.

15. Any advice for the African woman?

- Believe in yourself even when no one believes in you
- Speak more about your self no one's words can have more power on your life than yours
- be creative
- dream big
- Give to the society.

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