Monday, November 13, 2017

Bibiana MBUH TAKU:Challenges are my greatest motivators.

Who is Bibiana Mbuh Taku? 

Bibiana MBUH TAKU is an entrepreneur,  born and raised at Njentse – Lebialem Division. She is a graduate of Management & Finance from the Ecole Superieure de Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC ) Douala  and Treasury Inspector from  Ecole Nationale d'Administration et de la Magistrature (ENAM), Yaoundé.

After having worked for over 20 years in the American Life Insurance, Pecten Cameroon Company, Plan International – Cameroon and the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance, respectively, I founded Diversity Management & Consulting ltd (DMC ltd) in 2009 with some shareholders.   
In partnership with some very renowned Development partners like IFC (World Bank) we have created lasting impact through delivery of capacity building, business advisory & management services  to the private sector in Cameroon and many countries in Africa. Currently we are focusing on e learning and onsite capacity building platform, DMC  capacity building academy, which will deliver capacity building and advisory solutions nationally and internationally.

Bibiana MBUH TAKU is also a serial social entrepreneur who has successfully transformed some of the most painful experiences of her life into opportunities to console, encourage and uplift others. I have founded the Gabriel BEBONBECHEM Foundation for Epilepsy & Mental Well-being in memory of my Son Gabriel who lived and died of epilepsy & its complications. I am also the co-founder of the Helen ATABONG ASABA Foundation for the empowerment of the Woman & the girl child, in memory of my mum who was and advocate of women empowerment.
Finally, Bibiana MBUH TAKU is a farmer aspiring to get into transformation & marketing of Agricultural products. She is a mother of 4 biological children, many natural children and grandchildren.

What drives Bibiana MBUH TAKU?

The zeal to impact lives and be a role model to youths and women, especially those from humble backgrounds like mine. Challenges are my greatest motivators.

What is your greatest influence? 

I am not a quitter and I know how to own my mistakes and use them as stepping stones.
Wherever I have the opportunity to meet women achievers' I connect and acknowledge. I have been blessed with numerous opportunities that come with my job and a capacity developer and a social entrepreneur. I am blessed to be able to connect with women of all generations. The diversity of my activities appears to attract other women to wards my work. I guess, I do inspire them like others have told me.

Who is your role model? 

My mother remains my role mother. She was very committed to her vision; she was a feminist and an advocate of the principle of giving every child a chance and even second and third chances. She was never a quitter! I am not a quitter.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

I see myself as the CEO of an international food processing conglomerate, a reference business advisory & service delivery in Africa. I also want to see myself as the Founder of an International reference center for research in epilepsy & rehabilitation.

What are the challenges of the African Woman? 

An African women needs to empower herself rather than waiting to be empowered. If she waits to be empowered then she will never be. An example is access to land. She needs to buy and own land rather than hoping to inherit. If she has the opportunity to inherit land then she should keep it out of hers and her husband's joint property.

How do you unwind tension from work? 

I watch Nigeria movies, when possible. They give me a chance to see young talented women who have taken success by the storm! I have watched the industry grow and I see these young women blossom and become producers and even diversify into other businesses.
I also take spiritual retreats. These nourish me and keep me close to my source of energy and life, GOD the almighty.

What is your ICE VISION?

I have had the privilege to travel to every region in Africa where I have met with terrific women entrepreneurs and some of them have never been to school. We have gained much admiration in each other and my vision is to participate in the creation of a network of such women throughout Africa. I believe that such a network can transform Africa and drive our continent towards its emergence.

Any Plans for the AU?

If I have an opportunity to join any of the advisory bodies to support the empowerment of the woman and the youths, I would seize it!

Should you be named Minister of Women's Empowerment and the Family, what wrongs will you right immediately during the first six months of your leadership? 

The woman will have to stop feeding on "pity" and "crumps" from the men's decision-making tables. As primary stake holders in the development and the well being of the children and even that of their husband, they should co-own family land with their husbands (for those that are married). Laws need to be sponsored by this ministry to this effect.

One thing you hate in girls and women today you will like to see adjusted? 

I can hardly stand women showing off their bodies through what they term "revealing" outfits. It gives the impression that they want to be acknowledged by their looks and not their real worth which is their immense and under-valued contribution towards the development of society is. 

Any advise for the African Woman?

We need to synergize and turn our challenges into opportunities. We have the duty to transform our continent from exporters of raw products to exporters of processed foods, beauty products, clothing, arts work .We need to own and grow our wealth. It is our duty to drop the "alms baskets" and replace them with cooperatives and commercial banks.

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