Friday, November 4, 2016

Who will win the presidency?

Who will win the presidency? is one question on every American lip whether of voting age or not. The citizens of the first power where democracy is prime ponder  whether Clinton will end up being the presidential nominee or trump her contestant will succeed to make radical change, greatly feared by citizens across national teritory. 


Radical change highly criticized by all, Americans fear the abolition of slavery may just exist on paper should the Republican whistle-stopper win. Talking to some citizens off camera in DC, they think its the most amazing elections. While others think its the craziest, a good number of voters have taken part in early voting to give their candidate chances to win.  Visiting the Smithsonian early Thursday to take stock of the cultural heritage projected in the magnificent museum, I run into under 10 kids who all prefer the Democratic candidate to the republican solicitor. Asking them why the choice, they hold that Trump is so radical and America is not ready for such a drastic change, given its seen as the land of democracy all over the globe. Statistics reveal over 33 Million American citizens have voted in 38 states of the 50 and however things turn sour or good, the electoral college has the last say. 

See who's ahead in which state and by how much?

That done, tell us who according to you will win the November 8th American Presidential Elections? Why will this candidate win?  What are your expectations of the electoral college?

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