Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The first time I learnt to say A, B C or 1, 2, 3 - It wasn't easy but the insightful, moving, sensitive and patient strive of my primary 1 teacher made me say these words and figure in no distant time.
What more could be fulfilling for my teacher who taught me (her pupil) how to say words and figures in no time?
Then, came the writing process. I had to learn how to write on the blue and red lines. It wasn't an easy task for my teacher to help me scribble letter 'A', 'B' or write a phrase such as 'I am a good girl' but this shining light interested in giving me an absolute inclusive and equitable quality education, thus promote lifelong opportunities for all, made me better and I was not the same.
At home, Mum and Dad would correct any mispronounced word instantly because in me they did not only see their princess (by traditional backings) and queen (I was the only girl child out of a family of 6), but they already saw that dynamite in me to become a new version of my models Anne Nsang Nkwain, Amanpour & Oprah G. Winfrey.
Then..... The reading process affirmed they had an anchor lady in the BANDA's dynasty.
Doing my assignment and showing Mum and dad before next day's lessons in the classroom, I retained from my lovely parents that a child's homework must be done by the child. For nothing in the World would dad tell me that two plus two equals four, he will help me with counting sticks discover that if I added the figure 2 to 2, I will have 4. These are moving, insightful and sensitive experiences of my childhood that however got stolen by an intruder in the course of life. At this stage, I was 9 and Teacher George (Peace be upon your soul) my primary 5 teacher and Teacher Elizabeth (My Mum of blessed memory) taught me to be remain focused despite all odds. I remember that this unstable part of my life almost affected my academic life (one thing my teacher refused to admit) such that I will have homework upon homework to keep my mind at work. I used to hate Teacher George then for giving me extra work than the assignment given to my classmates, but now I understand he didn't want to see me drop from being 'Number 1' in class to any other figure. Jap Claudia and Larry Shang however had the best of this because I remember being 2nd and 3rd that year. My teacher was deceived with my output but he understood other factors took the best of me.
Then Class Six was another experience with Teacher Kenneth who knew how to whip the hell out me when I went stubborn in class. And I maintained my first position through out the academic year. In Form 1, Literature, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical geography, Mathematics, Physics to name these, are new subjects I discovered in secondary school. This time, each teacher had a subject and this went with different character traits and temperament. My Teachers did their best and I did mine and the journey was smooth. I remember having 20 on 20 in French and 18 on 20 in Literature making my teachers very proud of me. In form three, a girl child observes some changes in her life and my teachers Mme Anyangwe Euginia, Mme NDI Rose amongst others played their part to maintain my intelligent academic cursus. 

Then 'I love you" was a phrase I heard from literature books and wanted to know the meaning since even in close family circles Mothers didn't even have the courage to say it to their children. They showed us how much love they had for us with their care, attention and simply being there for us.
Mrs CHIFEN, the discipline mistress taught me out of the will and zeal to know love at a tender age, whipped out the bad company phenomenon which was strongly growing due to peer pressure and I am grateful today because it spared me the ordeal of having a baby in my mother's home.

Then, I grew into a young, outspoken, brilliant, smart, bold , intelligent, beautiful but troublesome young girl (dubbed PYT - Pretty Young Thing by some and The Voice by others) at Uppersixth when the cold hands of death snatched my mum who was and is still my teacher of all teachers, from me. God through Teacher Kumichii Tilder NDICHIA told me HE was not done with me yet. My encounter with her as a teacher nurtured values of respect, peace, love in me because she is the kind of mother and teacher that allows the child to express her talent, potential and even supports her through competitions. She is the rare kind of mother who knew how to say 'I Love you' to me in words and action. Thank you Mom Mildred today Mrs EDEM for letting me know and share a mum with you after nature created that vacuum. And yes because of that, I easily tell people how much I love them and I don't wait to regret that I should have told them.
University Experience was another different ball game and this time, you had to work out things for yourself because the busy schedules of my tutors didn't enable them to explain after lectures at the amphi theatres. Then, professionally, I tried and met exceptional lecturers like Emmanuel ATANGANA, Xavier MESSE, Alexandre DJIMELI, Casimir AMASANA to name these, who finetuned the skill in me to be authentic, original, real, creative and devoted at all times.

Then... another teacher who is so important in my life after GOD Almighty, my numero uno on the planet, my better half, my bone, my friend, my mother in my darling husband Bruno came into my life and taught me to love, to trust, to forgive the past and move on with the present. This kind of teaching is unconditional and unique words cannot express. This kinda teaching I nova ever seeam before tolop. You carry fire!
My Teachers Snowsel ANO EBIE, Veronica BENGYELA, Beyhia Leonard Brice, Valery DIKOS OUMAROU, Aretha Louise MBANGO, Moki Charles LINONGE, Moise BANGTEKE of blessed memory during my acedemic internship at the CRTV, in their own way did not only make me breathe in a wonderland, but also nurtured in me the ability to thrive in a fast changing World. They still tell me when I go right or wrong anyway to maintain the passionate flame and energy.
Then teachers like Lulu favour Efange, Raymond NJUME NJIKANG, Leila KIGHA, Kaparan Junior, Jessie BAWAK, Dipita TONGO, Martha PONO CHIA, Peter ESSOKA, Mireille SIAPJE, David APPLEFIELD, Dora EBOA, Elthon DJEUTCHA, Mumah Manda, Irine ASANJI, Reverend MASOK Emmanuel, Commy MUSA, Reverend BABILA George FONCHANG, OBAH Rose, Minister Ambe NKANWI, Kim FarelleSamuel FontehCommy Mussa,Solomon Agborem, my wonderful fan page and you via enriching work experiences empowered my Journey with extraordinary exchange.
My inspiring, unique, passionate and motivating career life makes it obvious that my teachers' personalities, experiences and ambitions were not the only characteristics that made the best of me, but they were flexible enough to take into account my learning styles.
I am so grateful you valued and improved my status that I celebrate you today and pray the roadmap for the new agenda, the education 2030 Framework for Action effectively implements goals of adequately training teachers who are officially recruited and remunerated according to their worth, motivated and supported within well resourced, efficient and efficacious governed systems.
Continue to make potent and powerful patriots of procreation.

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