Monday, November 7, 2016

USA: Election Eve Exhilarates Electorates

'We cannot just sit back and all we do is talk talk talk and expect vote to vote itself. Citizens of voting age must cast their votes for the change they want to see.' 

These are the words of A Cameroonian-American of voting age Tina Kukwa urging citizens to be responsible for the change they all want to see. She has the impression many more people are talking than acting. Walking the talk by saying what is meant and meaning what is said to her is a very essential tool for a new dawn in the United States of America. No citizen is indifferent to the election fever but an unusual calm animates the twin cities of Minneapolis 24 hours to election night.The in dwellers are all fingers crossed for the best candidate to occupy the White house for the next 4 years? Who is the perfect candidate? is one question that litters every discussion on minute to minute basis. Some say the Democratic candidate does not only have the countenance but she is honest enough to admit to her mistakes, a quality for an exemplary leadership. Others think the republican nominee is the best candidate because he is of the school that acts than make long speeches that hardly get implemented. Both candidates are rallying more voters for their campaign in strategic outlets. 
An amazing campaign many look forward to end because they have children. 

'I have never seen such a crazy campaign all my life. I can't wait to see the end because I fear my kids will copy the negative energy in their political adds almost everywhere' Janet affirms.

The reality is newspapers who have the culture of endorsing republican candidates have for the most part endorsed the democratic candidate this season. Something many columnists are yet to come to terms with. Religious Leaders on their part have urged Christians to fulfill their civic duties to spare the land of Uncle Sam a flawed leadership. 

'Many more voters must be won for the campaign, though we're not certain about the results. Many are flogging to the polls to vote but for whom? Sshhhh. It is by ballot. Everyone to the polls. Don't boo. Vote for the candidate of your choice. Elsewhere people lose their lives, get arrested or intimidated all because they want to exercise their civic responsibility. In the United States you walk in cast your vote and have nothing to worry about someone stealing your choice. Make use of your right to vote. Don't sit back and hope others go vote. What if they too sit back and hope you go vote? No one votes then?' A billion dollar rhetoric question Divine Nchamukong, Another Cameroonian-American poses.

 It is true democracy is not promoted via intimidation and insults, but ideas. The democracy struggle is fought by all and both parties have shown America and the globe their stand. The people may fear the worse but if they don't cast their votes, nothing will change. Hilary and Trump are already holding election eve rallies, and Either way, Trump or Hilary will be in the White House. 

Whether or not you voted, the decisions they make will affect you.

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  1. This elections is like no other in the history of American democracy. The stakes are so high. Will Americans make history again by electing a first woman president or handover this great country to a populist who is highly unqualified ?