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Innovation Leadership Program for Young Professionals in Washington, DC (October 19-21, 2014)

“In a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty, creativity is the most important leadership quality, according to CEOs. Creative leaders expect to make deeper business model changes to realize their strategies. To succeed, they take more calculated risks, find new ideas and keep innovating in how they lead and communicate” – IBM Global CEO Study, 2011.
The Global Good Fund ( has a mission to accelerate the development of emerging leaders around the world who are using entrepreneurship for social impact.  The Global Good Fund’s flagship program is a 15-month Fellowship, which supports the leadership development of young social entrepreneurs across the globe.  In addition to the US, Global Good Fund Fellows come from 11 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The Global Good Fund invests in diverse of sectors including: education, technology, renewable energy, youth development, water sanitation, and sustainable fashion.
THNK, The School of Creative Leadership (, has a mission to accelerate and develop the next generation of leaders that will change the world.  THNK runs an 18 month, part-time executive program targeted at mid-career professionals looking to drive innovation and accelerate the next phase of their career.  THNK also runs innovation programs with leading global institutions such as Cisco, Shell, Vodafone, and Stanford University.
The Global Good Fund and THNK have partnered in the creation of an Innovation Leadership Program targeted at young professionals in North America.

Why should you join the Innovation Leadership Program?

There are at least three reasons why you should join the Innovation Leadership Program:
  • Learn the tools and techniques for developing innovative, break-through concepts.  The Global Good Fund and THNK specialize in helping both emerging and established entrepreneurs enhance their capabilities to innovate and create breakthrough concepts.  During the Innovation Leadership Program, professionals will learn over a dozen tools and techniques to foster innovation – tools and techniques that can be immediately applied back in the workplace.
  • Develop break-through solutions to the challenge of urban mobility in Washington DC.  Washington DC ranks among the most progressive cities in North America in terms of public transport provision and yet urban mobility remains a daily challenge for millions of commuters.  During the Innovation Leadership Program, participants will apply their innovation skills to the topic of urban mobility in Washington DC, specifically addressing the question: “How might emerging technologies be used to provide residents of Washington DC and its surroundings the cleanest, cheapest, fastest and smoothest mass transit options?”
  • Build your competencies as a leader who is championing innovation in an organization or enterprise.  During the Innovation Leadership program, participants will build their competencies as innovation leaders, asking and answering questions such as: As a leader, how do I rally others around a new, innovative solution?  How do I think of scaling a proto-type to something that works at scale across my organization?

Who should join the Innovation Leadership Program?

The Leadership Program has been run successfully in various forms with leading executives from across the world.  The program is designed for entrepreneurs and executives with 3-7 years of experience out of university and who are hungry to learn about how to lead innovation.
Participants benefit from the networking opportunities with other high caliber participants that the program attracts.

Program Overview

During the program, participants will go through the four phases of the Concepting Flow methodology.  The Concepting Flow is a structured process through which participants develop innovative, break-through solutions to complex problems.  The four phases of the Concepting Flow are:
  • Sensing.  This involves a wide exploration of the topic of urban mobility combining rational analysis with an intuitive and associative process of gathering insights with regards to the needs of urban commuters.
  • Visioning.  Visioning involves ideating new concepts by developing, clustering, and selecting different ideas for potential break through solutions.  During visioning, participants will be introduced to a plethora of ideation tools that stimulate out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Proto-typing.  This involves iterative user testing and feedback with the aim of improving the emerging concept.
  • Scaling.  During this phase, we explore tangible, concrete actions to stimulate scale-up to large impact and while remaining adaptability to an uncertain future.
During the program, the Faculty will include:
  • Rajiv Ball, Partner THNK.  At THNK, Rajiv is responsible for the Leadership stream within the program, as well as opening new THNK locations across the world and developing custom programs for corporate clients.  Previously a Partner at McKinsey & Company, Rajiv was responsible for the leadership development of McKinsey Partners globally.  In addition, Rajiv is a Lecturer at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Berend-Jan Hilberts, Master Practioner, THNK.  With a background is in business strategy and innovation, Berend-Jan has consulted internally and externally with companies on generating new ideas and creating new platforms for growth.  Berend-Jan is driven by a strong desire to equip leaders to become more effective in leading innovation in their teams.  At THNK, he has led the design and delivery of the Challenge. In addition to facilitating the THNK Executive Program, he designs and delivers many of THNK’s in-company programs at large corporate clients.
  • Robert Wolfe, Leadership Coach THNK.  Robert has been part of THNK faculty since the beginning of THNK as a leadership coach, storytelling trainer and innovation facilitator. Before he was a management trainer and personal coach in many countries, an improv actor, and he still is a writer of fiction novels for young adults. He specializes in experiential learning and voice dialogue.

And finally …

In addition to learning the tools and techniques for developing innovative, break through concepts, developing break-through solutions to the challenge of urban mobility in Shanghai and building your competencies as a leader that is championing innovation in an organization, all participants on the Global Innovation Leadership Program receive a:
  • Free self-assessment on their Innovation Leadership Competencies, based on The Global Good Fund and THNK Leadership Model
  • The Global Good Fund-THNK Certificate of Participation in the Innovation Leadership Program
  • THNK Concepting Flow toolkit, containing over 40 tools that participants can use to stimulate innovative thinking

What next?

The price of the three-day Innovation Leadership Program is $2,745. But if you register by October 3, 2014, save $250 and pay only $2,495. This includes all on-site costs (such as food and beverage) but excludes transportation to and from the Program location in Washington DC and, if applicable, costs of overnight accommodation.
To register, click here or go to
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