Thursday, May 29, 2014

3rd World Hijab Day Transforms...

Today is the 3rd World Hijab Day and in Douala, economic metropolis of Cameroon, La Fondation Princesse Khadidja(p) under the patronage of Senator Marlyse Rose Douala Bell, organised a remarkable event at the Bonanjo Party House.

Girls and Women of all faiths gathered in their numbers to appreciate, understand and accept the Muslim Culture.

Female staff of the Spectrum Television like Amy BANDA and other media organs wore the traditional headscarf on this day to better understand the garment and its meaning.
Hajj Adidja MBOMIKO YENOU, President and Founder of Fondation Princesse Khadidja(p), said: “Girls and Women, Muslim and non Muslim wore the hijab all day as a way of increasing understanding and promoting the spiritual, made me feel like an alien or an abnormal person without.
I asked the lady in charge of the hijab distribution at the entrance of the Bonanjo Party House : 'Would anyone be seen as an outcast without the hijab?' 
And she replied: 'If we could ask all the girls and women to take part and around a third did. Why will We force anybody to go against his/her will?”
“I think World Hijab Day helps us to understand how muslim women feel and more about their beliefs and faith.”
"A lot of the women were excited about taking part and many saw it as a fashionable thing and quite light hearted, while still getting the message across.”
The freewill exercise indeed made the Christian woman understand that the Muslim woman as well is not happy with the misconception a few have placed about Islam with their acts of terrorism across the continent.

Participants leave the event site retaining that they have a role to play in wiping out the barbaric picture of Islam painted by an unscrupulous few and must pray twice as hard to erase the sentence on Mrs Ibrahim who gave birth to her baby in prison.

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