Monday, September 15, 2014

MIW: Africa's Gateway to celebrate women making strides

The empowerment of women has become a worldwide focus.
In the process of working towards further democratic change and transformation of the social and economic conditions in Africa, it is important to recognise  that one of the critical assets that the continent has is its people and its leaders. Huge strides have been made by women on the continent as far as government circles are concerned .
The continent has had leading female heads of state (Liberian president  Ellen Jorhnson Sirleaf and Malawi's one time Joyce BANDA) and leading figures like South Africa's Nkosazana Dlamini - Zuma who became the African Union's first ever female chairperson. These are just a few 'firsts' of women in government around the continent while there are other countless women in influential government posts in Africa. 

The ever growing wings of women's development is a fertile seed that will charter more women into previously unexplored government circles and continue being the voice  that drives African governments. MIW in Cameroon today improves the economic performance of some women who influence their communities with their work, despite the outnumerous challenges they face on daily basis.
As MIW aims to sustainably celebrate and uplift women making a contribution to their communities and economies across the African continent, we call on the readers to make this initiative a gateway to celebrating and empowering more of our continent’s most influential women. 

Sit back, relax and take a tour of the neighborhood, you will notice one woman whose influence has defined values, imbibed hardwork, engaged ingenuity, promoted inspiration, but most of all craved for development. This is the time to identify that woman and nominate her for her illustrious effort to transform her society through hardwork. By so doing, you will be inspirng many other women in your community to venture on projects with or without funding. After all, the ideal is the idea.

Previous finalists and winners, photographs, behind the scenes information and much more!roadshow/c1kwx.
Many Thanks to Annelize Wepener of CEO Holdigs, Yvonne Finch of United Success and partners for nurturing talent and creating many more opportunities in these dynamic women , thus instilling growth and development for an emerging Cameroon. 2015 Nominations are open


  1. I hear there were only 6 nominees from Cameroon Amy?

  2. Great Initiative Amy.I became so proud when I read an article on you this Morning on Amina. Keep the just fight. God takes care of the rest. Emma Akem - WCIC

  3. Do you actually know the meaning of Good Morning?
    G: Get Up
    O: Open your Heart
    O: Open your Mind
    D: Dedicate your day

    M: Meditate to God
    O: Optimise your hopes
    R: Rebuke all evils
    N: Never say never
    I: Improve your skills
    N: Nothing should scare you
    G: Go out with hope.

    So Amy, GOOD MORNING and be rest assured fear of danger or suffering is worse than the suffering itself. Never forget to remind yourself of the fact that you are a God influencer and because you fight to restore values, vicious circles will haunt you. This should in no way affect your work negatively, but stimulate the positive energy that will make all the difference. Did you get a copy of Amina this Month? Surprise yourself with the discovery and continue the divine task. Focus not on your obstacles, be in constant connection with you so that you will not be distracted. Dr Enow Brian

  4. I dream my painting and I paint my dream.

  5. Great Moves Amy. I shed tears of joy, (knowing your in house struggles to make things work in a very hostile environment) when I read an article on you this Morning on Phenomenal African Woman. Keep the just fight. God takes care of the rest. Romeo - RD PROD