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Job: Expert Consultant on Transitional Justice, Impunity Watch, Location Flexible with Travel to Netherlands

Cross-posted from Impunity Watch:
Impunity Watch is looking for a Expert Consultant on Transitional Justice
Location: Flexible, with travel to the Netherlands
Duration: 4 months, starting asap
Salary: Competitive
Impunity Watch (IW) is an international non-profit organisation, seeking to promote accountability for
past atrocities in countries emerging from a violent past. We produce research-based policy advice,
monitor state compliance with international obligations and advocate for tailored policy solutions. As well
as promoting an integrated approach to addressing violence and impunity, our aim is to assist national
civil society groups and communities affected by violence to have a stronger voice in policymaking on
tackling impunity and dealing with the past.

Together with a small ‘Strategic Team’ of international NGO representatives, experts and policymakers,
IW is planning to coordinate a project to re-design and reinvigorate foreign policy on transitional justice
(TJ) in fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS).

The project involves three phases: (i) The preparation of
documents that will provide the foundation for the project, including the preparation of case studies and
a draft policy manual; (ii) Two-day International Seminar in the Netherlands; (iii) Testing and finalisation of
the policy manual.

Terms of Reference
We are seeking a highly experienced transitional justice expert (hereafter “candidate”) to produce two
documents that will form the basis for a workshop and the re-formulation of policy interventions on TJ
(see phase (i) above). The first is a Background Paper on the state of play of TJ, synthesising its
‘conventional wisdoms’ and any empirical evidence of its impact in practice. The second document is a
draft Policy Manual to guide the operationalisation of the policy framework on TJ in FCAS. The Policy
Manual will be discussed during the international seminar and finalized subsequently.

This important project provides a unique opportunity for the Expert Consultant to directly contribute to
the policy interventions on TJ. For this position, we are seeking an outstanding candidate with excellent
writing skills and extensive, demonstrable experience working in the development of TJ policy. The
candidate must have an intimate, first-hand knowledge of TJ, with field experience in a post-conflict
environment. The candidate we are seeking should demonstrate a deep understanding of the political and
practical implications of TJ ‘on the ground’, and will have extensive experience in the application and
workings of TJ strategies and mechanisms. Ideally, the candidate will have experience working on TJ
policies for national governments, international agencies, and/or for international non-governmental

The candidate will be expected to work in a highly organised manner, producing two well-researched and
detailed documents in a limited period of time. The candidate should be dynamic; enthusiastic; highly
organised and able to work together with IW staff in a flexible manner.

Key Responsibilities and Outputs
1. Research and write a Background Paper on TJ, synthesising ‘conventional wisdoms’ of TJ as well
as empirical evidence of the impact of TJ in practice. The Background Paper will clearly identify
positive and negative factors that influence the impact of TJ policy and wider transformation in
societies after conflict, with an emphasis on political factors. In consultation with IW, the
Background Paper will include examples from specific country situations to provide appropriate
evidence and contest of these elements.
2. With input from the Strategic Team, prepare a Draft Policy Manual based on the aforementioned
Background Paper. The Draft Manual will provide practical guidance on the operationalisation of
policy on TJ in FCAS.

Funding for this project is awaiting approval but Impunity Watch expects a decision to be made very soon. We hope to recruit the Expert Consultant to begin implementation of this project asap after final approval.. Participation in the International Seminar in The Netherlands (see phase (ii) above).
4. Finalization of the Draft Policy Manual after the Seminar.
Required Experience and Skills
 PhD or equivalent experience in social sciences, political science, anthropology, or another field
relevant to TJ;
 At least 10 years’ professional experience working on the subject of TJ, including relevant field
experience in a post-conflict country;
 Experience working on the development of TJ policies for national governments, for international
agencies, for the UN, and/or within an international NGO;
 In-depth understanding of the challenges and impact of TJ in societies affected by violence;
 Significant, demonstrable experience in researching and writing research-based policy reports on TJ. A
track record of academic, peer-reviewed publications on TJ is highly desirable;
 Outstanding English language writing skills, including the ability to clearly and succinctly communicate
in comprehensible policy terms;
 A highly organized, flexible and open-minded approach, working in close collaboration with IW and the
Strategic Team.
 Preference for candidate currently residing in The Netherlands

What we offer
The opportunity contribute directly to the development of policy interventions in FCAS.
The Consultancy will be full-time for 4 months, beginning asap. Salary will be commensurate with
experience, but in line with IW’s NGO consultancy guidelines.

How to apply
If you are interested in the consultancy, please submit (a) your current CV (b) a cover letter, and (c) a list
of publications including a sample publication, and (d) up-to-date contact details, including telephone
numbers of two referees no later than 10 September 2014 to: vacancy [at]
For more information on this position, please contact IW Operations Manager, Margaretha Bakker, at:
margaretha.bakker [at]

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