Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kaheli FEH TAH: Women do not limit yourselves

Who is Kaheli FEH TAH?

With a Dual MBA from Delaware State University DSU, Kaheli Feh Tah Erica is a third child in a family of 6, Mother of 2 and grand mother of 1 whose coaching and leadership prowess cuts across the continent via numerous platforms.  Serving as the General Manager of TOPROC FINANCE PLC. for close to a decade, her banking skills has added value in terms of finance and productivity to the Micro Finance Institution. Interested in the education of the girl child whose self esteem is usually killed by traditional and cultural barriers, she founded SHALOM BIZ COLLEGE which she runs as a project that seeks to restore lost value for community development. 

What drives Kaheli FEH TAH?

Three values: Faith. Generosity. Excellence drive me every second of my life.
 Faith: I have too much faith in the almighty. At the point where  most people break down, its my faith that fuels me. Excellence: I believe in anything i set my mind to do. Am a perfectionist and do not leave any job unfinished and when I am falling short my faith moves the mountains in front of me. 
Generosity: I find satisfaction in giving esp when the moment comes for appreciation, when the person has this big smile on his/her face and says that thank u from the heart it fells so good. There is nothing i compare to this moments in my life when I am able to put a genuine smile on someone's face and see them walk away 

Who is your role model? 

 My mother. My mother. My mother. Sometimes, I wonder what would have become without her. She is my role model in everything being a widow at the tender age of 31 with 6 children and without help from relatives since she was labeled  the murderer of her husband, she single highhandedly educated all her six children to at least a Bachelor's  Degree with God's help. 
 My mom taught me how to stand up tall on what i believe  in and say no to what i think is wrong in front n not behind a person. With her entrepreneurial spirit she taught me how to be financially stable without the help of people and u know what financial freedom means. You are contented  with what you have, such that you do not depend on others and get to beg to be humiliated and insulted. You get to keep a stethoscope which is lacked by most African women whereby the men find us short of and intend use it as a medium for manipulation and control of our person.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next 5 years, I see myself  in control of Shalom Biz College ( my school ) in 7 Regions of Cameroon and impacting  knowledge especially  technology for free to the girl child to make them educationally strong and financially independent giving them room for their voices to be head without favour or bias by gender

What are the challenges of the African Woman?

Herself. She puts limitations on her person esp in the home training she is giving from birth. Her place is in the kitchen n she envision herself in her kitchen to cook n feed her family.  We should be able to give opportunities to our girls that will broaden their minds on the opportunities out of the kitchen make them know they can dream to be anything. They can have cars , balls for presents and not just a baby dolls and kitchen utensils. Thereby making them dream of owning one someday

How do you relax yourself?

I listen to good Music and I watch movies with powerful messages.

Any plans for the AU?

 If given the opportunity, I will like to change first the panel and category of people who form this union. This is simply Because the mindset of the panel denotes the outcome. Believe me Gender Representation will be equal such that if there are 50 representatives, then its 25 men and 25 women.

Any advice for the African Woman?

 Women must not limit themselves because there are unlimited opportunities out there for the taking and naturally we are stronger than the men. Our instincts works 100 times faster than that of the men. We have compassion in our decisions and our reactions to situations are always more considerate giving the fact that we birth them therfore compassion is imperative

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